The CIA gets the prize for the most entertaining acronym in Washington, a city that cannot speak without using at least one in every sentence.

The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) has formed the WikiLeaks Task Force which is being referred to in-house as WTF.

(If you don’t get it, ask a teenager). SECURITY BUSH

TWP (The Washington Post) said the irreverence might be understandable since the agency was fairly unscathed by the WikiLeaks document extravaganza.

UPDATE: A USO (unidentified U.S. official) tells us: “Some might say the acronym is regrettable.  Perhaps we should consider that the CIA has a sense of humor after all.”

The revelation of WTF sent us ISO (in search of) other Beltway initials that might top it in amusement value — NFY (none found yet — OK we made that one up).