Winning Our Future, the Super PAC supporting Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich, is back at it again — animated advertising, that is.

The Super PAC has been on something of a TV hiatus since Gingrich’s stunning South Carolina win in late January, in part because it appeared to be running out of money. The group has been almost exclusively funded by Las Vegas Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who we now know wrote a new “substantial” check to the group a few days ago.

The money is in part funding three new ads, one of which brings back the cartoon rendering of Romney and Obama we met in the Super PAC’s first animated creation in January.

In this new minute-long ad called “Next…” Romney is shown shifting uncomfortably in a chair in an empty waiting room, queued up to get the Republican nomination from the establishment. He holds ticket number 28, while the DMV-style digital readout screen says, “Now serving 027.”

Romney then grows increasingly restless as a pundit on TV says that Republicans are fed up with the establishment picking candidates and implies that Romney is not a true conservative. Cue in an upbeat electric guitar jingle and a narrator saying, “As America rises up and speaks, Romney’s plans go out the window” – and Romney’s ticket gets swept up by a gust of wind and flies away through an open window.