Congress is in recess and lawmakers are gearing up for midterm elections in November.

The Republican National Committee decided to liven up a slow mid-August Monday with a video taking aim at Democrats who might not want to stand too close to President Barack Obama and his sagging approval ratings. 

It was done as a take-off on the Steven Slater exit from his job as flight attendant — showing Democrats in hotly-contested races sliding down an emergency chute from a plane that has Obama on board.

The video was timed to coincide with Obama’s three-day trip criss-crossing the country to attend fundraisers in Wisconsin, California, Washington, Ohio and Florida.

Wisconsin Democrat Senator Russ Feingold, who is in a tight Senate race, greeted Obama at the airport in Milwaukee.  A White House press pool report says that when a reporter asked Feingold whether he was reluctant to stand with Obama, the senator said, “Absolutely none. I’m pleased to stand with this president anytime and anywhere and defend what we’ve done and what we’re doing.”