Vice President Joe Biden is offering some encouraging words for those who would like to know how much it costs the government to build, for instance, a toilet at Yellowstone National Park, home of the “Old Faithful” geyser and lots of critters such as grizzly bears.

(Remember those stories back when about $800 hammers…) GERMANY-MARKETS/

Biden gave a really long speech about the economic stimulus bill at the Brookings Institution and then, yay, took some questions from the audience.

During the Q and A, Biden said he has asked for a handbook to be developed to determine the efficiency of every government program that is administered from Washington in order to increase accountability and transparency.

Which brings us to the Yellowstone example.

“If you were to try to determine whether or not the toilet in Yellowstone Park in a rest area had actually been built and how much it cost and how many people it employed and you went to the Interior Department, you couldn’t find that answer. You can now. You can now. We’ve never done this before. We’ve never followed the dollars like we’re following now.”

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Photo credit: Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach (picture of toilet roll made of paper money)