You can call him mediator, or you can call him negotiator, but don't call him pay czar. REGULATION-SUMMIT/

Kenneth Feinberg says he doesn't like the shorthand title that's used to describe his role as the administration's supervisor of compensation practices at firms that received money under the government's Troubled Asset Relief Program.

"A very unfortunate term," he said at the Reuters Global Financial Regulation Summit. "Pay czar implies that I'm issuing some sort of imperial edicts, arbitrary edicts on pay, without regard to consensus or the input of the beneficiaries of these decisions."

Au contraire. Feinberg says he tries to develop consensus with the companies. "I'm the pay mediator, I'm the negotiator."

Although with his next breath he does acknowledge having the power. "I must say the statute ultimately gives me final authority so if you don't work something out I'm obligated by law to make the decision. But I'm not looking to impose my will on these companies."