Rick Santorum addresses the Detroit Economic Club, February 16, 2012. REUTERS/Rebecca Cook

One thing Rick Santorum’s tax returns, released late on Wednesday, made clear: None of the leading presidential candidates fits into the 99 percent of the populist Occupy Wall Street movement.

Santorum told Politico he isn’t rich. “I don’t have wealth,” he said.

Well, perhaps compared to frontrunner Mitt Romney’s estimated $22 million income in 2010. Still, with an income of nearly $1 million in 2010, Santorum is comfortably in the top 1 percent of Americans.

Santorum’s adjusted gross income of about $924,000 in 2010 was the lowest of the major Republicans vying to take on President Barack Obama so far, and significantly less than Obama himself, who pulled in a cool $1.7 million – most of which came from his bestselling books.