Comments on: Divorce may be legal in Morocco, but it’s still controversial Mon, 26 May 2014 16:53:10 +0000 hourly 1 By: Maysaa Fri, 06 Dec 2013 19:28:38 +0000 I do not agree with so much of this.

Islamically a Woman CAN ask for a divorce through Khula. As we have heard of so many times in Hadith, there are many examples. From women who dislike their husbands to women who have no choice but to leave. Islamic law is just, Sharia is fine. but the “muslims” who ruin it. If a woman is in an abusive marriage or unislamic marriage, and she has grounds for divorce the Islamic State, and Muslim Judge should Dissolve the marriage as it is not safe for her to remain in the marriage.

A woman should not ask for divorce without valid reason, as it is a fitna, So Morocco are not following Islam they want to be like the west. They have insulted Islamic Law and turned to the Kafir law to get “Justice”, They are sure to fail and be doomed by this, as Allahs law is just. And this sort of change in Law will only create more fitna and even Allahs wrath upon them.

I am Moroccan and each year I visit I see Islam taken a back seat in society and people adopting “french lifestyle” and by that I mean Secular life. Including how they socialise, how they marry and divorce and how they behave.

A woman should not work in the night time, OR travel alone. That is Islamic law. Nothing to do with Morocco. So are you saying that wedding photography is the only Job in the whole of Morocco? Actually you Will find an increase in demand for tailors Female tailors as most tend to be MEN! We need more female Drs, we need Nurses, we need tailors, we need carpet makers, bakers, etc etc Most of these roles you do not need a degree or diploma, just work experience and on the job training and most of these roles are filled by MEN. Men doing a womans jobs and women doing a mans job etc

This Article only affirms my deepest worries of Morocco. Islam being openly mocked and Open Disobedience to Allah.
More had changed for the worse, and I often am Ashamed to say I am Moroccan, nothing good has come out of Morocco for hundreds of years, Just fitna, fitna and more fitna. Authobillahi.

Allah rectify the affairs of the Muslims in Morocco and bring them back to Islam and to Islamic law, sharia.