Easy access to hardcore pornography on the Web and a general lack of sex education for youth is changing attitudes about lovemaking, according to entrepreneur Cindy Gallop.

“I date younger men – they tend to be men in their 20s – and in dating younger men I encounter the real ramifications of the creeping ubiquity of hardcore pornography in our culture,” Gallop, 52, said during an interview at London Web Summit, where she gave a presentation.

“I can personally testify we now have an entire generation growing up that believes that what you see in hardcore porn is the way that you have sex.”

Gallop, who has a background in marketing and refers to herself as a “rampant feminist”, started the website MakeLoveNotPorn.com in 2009 as a platform to inspire discussion on the differences between lovemaking and pornography.

She plans to launch MakeLoveNotPorn.tv this year to expand the conversation.

“We live in a society where we all have sex but nobody ever talks about it,” Gallop said.