CREDIT: Mina Fayek

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Egypt appointed a newconstituent assembly on Sunday, the third since a popular uprising toppled President Hosni Mubarak in 2011.

This week, Cairo-based blogger Mina Fayek posted a very usefulinfographic on his blog detailing the composition of the 50-member assembly ordered to review amendments to the constitution signed by Egypt’s first democratically elected president, Mohamed Mursi, at the end of last year.

Mursi was overthrown in an army takeover on July 3 which sparked violent protests, resulting in the killing of at least 900 people, most of them Islamist supporters of Mursi.

The Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR) said on Monday that women’s representation in the assembly – 10 percent – was ‘thin’ according to the Egypt Independent.

Prominent columnist and journalist Farida El Shoubashy said the number of seats allocated tofemale members was not sufficient, but the five women chosen were “heavyweight,” Daily News Egypt reported.