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Sep 20, 2011

UK to strengthen energy regulator Ofgem

BIRMINGHAM, England, Sept 20 (Reuters) – Britain will boost
competition in its energy supply sector by strengthening the
hand of regulator Ofgem and forcing suppliers that breach
regulations to reimburse consumers directly, energy minister
Chris Huhne said on Tuesday.

Energy companies will no longer be able to delay Ofgem
rulings by up to a year by forcing the independent regulator to
seek a second opinion from the Competition Commission.

Sep 19, 2011

Britain calculating cost of split with Scotland

BIRMINGHAM, England (Reuters) – The government is calculating the cost of Scotland splitting from Britain to reinforce its case against nationalist demands for independence, a cabinet minister said on Monday.

Ministers in every government department are examining the implications of a Scottish separation on areas such as defence, welfare payments, and broadcasting, Scottish Secretary Michael Moore told Reuters in an interview.

Sep 19, 2011

UBS shows need for UK bank reform-Cable

BIRMINGHAM, Sept 19 (Reuters) – A $2.3 billion rogue trading
loss at Swiss bank UBS has reinforced the case for reform of
Britain’s banking system and plans to separate their retail and
investment arms must be put in place, Business Secretary Vince
Cable said on Monday.

“At present, banks are offered a one way bet. If they gamble
and win – they fill up the bonus pool. But when they lose, the
taxpayer pays,” he told delegates at his Liberal Democrat
party’s conference in Birmingham, central England.

Sep 19, 2011

Lib Dems defy low polls but economic clouds loom

BIRMINGHAM, England (Reuters) – The Liberal Democrats, coming to terms with unaccustomed political power, voiced defiance on Monday over their floundering poll ratings but feared that lasting economic stagnation could drag the party down.

Once mocked as a marginal grouping of sandal-wearing activists resigned to permanent opposition, the Lib Dems, holding their annual conference in Birmingham, now have five cabinet ministers in Britain’s first coalition government for generations.

Sep 18, 2011

UK’s Cable plans clampdown on executive pay

BIRMINGHAM (Reuters) – British companies will be required to publish more details on the pay packages of top executives under a government drive to fix a “disconnect” between remuneration and corporate performance, Business Secretary Vince Cable said on Monday.

Pay at the top of Britain’s biggest companies has soared in recent years while salaries for workers have barely kept pace with inflation, a politically sensitive issue while the coalition pursues a tough deficit-cutting austerity program.

Sep 16, 2011

Two miners found dead in Welsh mine

LONDON (Reuters) – Two miners have been found dead and two others remain missing following a flash flood in a coal mine in south Wales, police and emergency workers said on Friday.

Rescue workers had found the body of one man overnight and later discovered the body of a second man another inside the small private Gleision Colliery in the Swansea Valley.

Sep 15, 2011

Cable backs further QE to boost demand

LONDON (Reuters) – The Bank of England should be ready to reopen its programme of quantitative easing to prevent weak demand threatening Britain’s fragile recovery, Business Secretary Vince Cable said on Friday.

“We cannot and will not allow the economy to fall into a trap of stagnation,” Cable said in a pamphlet for the CentreForum think tank outlining proposals to foster sustainable growth in Britain.

Sep 11, 2011
via FaithWorld

Anglican spiritual head Archbishop Rowan Williams to resign next year – report


Britain's Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams leads the Easter Day Eucharist service at Canterbury Cathedral in in Canterbury in south east England April 4, 2010/Toby Melville

The spiritual head of the Anglican Communion, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, will resign his position next year almost a decade before he is due to retire in order to return to academic life, a newspaper reported on Sunday. Williams, 61, who has worked hard to prevent the worldwide Anglican community from splitting over the ordination of women and gay bishops, may take up a senior post at Cambridge University, the Sunday Telegraph said.

Sep 9, 2011

UK turns to parents to help mend failing schools

LONDON (Reuters) – The beginning of the school year in Britain has seen the controversial introduction of “free schools” set up by parents, volunteers and charities.

Backers hope the new schools — funded by the taxpayer but free to set their own curriculum and schedules — will raise the failing standards of Britain’s state education system, seen as one of the key factors behind the riots which rocked London, Manchester and other English cities last month.

Sep 9, 2011

Riot-hit Tottenham mourns police shooting victim

LONDON (Reuters) – Around 1,500 mourners gathered at a church in north London Friday to mourn Mark Duggan, whose fatal shooting by police sparked rioting and looting that spread across the capital and to other English cities.

Tributes to Duggan, 29, from his family, and songs and hymns were relayed by speaker to those standing calmly outside the New Testament Church of God.