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Jun 29, 2012

Arizona man dies after arson conviction: police

PHOENIX (Reuters) – An Arizona man collapsed in court and died shortly after a jury convicted him of torching his mansion, and police are not ruling out the possibility that he may have taken a fatal substance.

Defendant Michael Marin, 53, collapsed just after a Maricopa County Superior Court jury found him guilty on Thursday of arson of an occupied structure, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office said.

Jun 26, 2012

Arizona police see “difficulties” enforcing immigration law

PHOENIX (Reuters) – For Arizona sheriff Antonio Estrada, enforcing a state law that requires officers to determine the immigration status of people they stop and suspect are in the United States illegally was always going to be difficult.

But that is exactly what he will soon be expected to do now that the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the most controversial aspect of Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigrants.

Jun 26, 2012

Arizona governor hails immigration ruling, opponents dismayed

PHOENIX (Reuters) – Republican Governor Jan Brewer hailed Monday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding a key part of Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigrants, while the law’s critics said thousands of families will live in fear in the southwestern state bordering Mexico.

The Supreme Court supported the law’s most controversial aspect, requiring police to check the immigration status of people they stop, but threw out three other provisions that had been challenged by the federal government.

Jun 25, 2012

Bodies of four illegal immigrants found in Arizona desert

PHOENIX (Reuters) – U.S. border police recovered the bodies of four suspected illegal immigrants who died attempting to cross the remote sun-baked Arizona desert from Mexico in deadly triple digit temperatures over the weekend, authorities said on Monday.

Arizona straddles a busy route for illegal immigrants slipping into the United States from Mexico, many through the Sonora Desert wilderness, where June temperatures peak at above 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius).

Jun 25, 2012

Arizona governor calls immigration ruling “victory” for rule of law

PHOENIX (Reuters) – Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer said on Monday a U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding a key part of the state’s crackdown on illegal immigrants was a “victory for the rule of law.”

“Today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court is a victory for the rule of law,” Brewer said in a statement. “It is also a victory for the 10th Amendment (of the U.S. Constitution) and all Americans who believe in the inherent right and responsibility of states to defend their citizens.”

Jun 15, 2012

Joy and anger as Obama relaxes deportation rules

PHOENIX (Reuters) – Undocumented Mexican youths who came to the United States as children reacted with joy to an Obama administration rule change on Friday that could spare them deportation, although opponents slammed it as amnesty and ridiculous.

“It hasn’t really sunk in entirely, but I feel a sense of joy and happiness because I know this is really going to change my life,” said Justino Mora, 22, an undocumented computer science student at UCLA in Los Angeles.

Jun 14, 2012

Arizona fights highway dust storms with haiku

PHOENIX (Reuters) – Dust storms that turn day into night are a hazard to Arizona drivers. But this year, authorities are throwing down a novel literary challenge to raise awareness of the dangers.

The Arizona Department of Transportation is inviting budding poets to take to Twitter and pen haikus – a concise Japanese literary form consisting of 17 syllables – to highlight the peril from the summer storms, known as haboobs.

Jun 13, 2012

Giffords’ ex-aide wins race in Arizona to succeed her

TUCSON (Reuters) – Tucson Democrat Ron Barber cruised to victory on Tuesday night in a special election to succeed his one-time boss, former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who retired in January to focus on her recovery from a gunshot wound to the head.

Barber, 66, Giffords’ handpicked successor and a former aide in the House of Representatives, led with 52 percent of the vote. His Republican rival, Jesse Kelly, 30, a construction project manager and Iraq war veteran, had 45 percent, according to a tally from 86 percent of precincts.

Jun 13, 2012

Arizona orders immigration law training for police

PHOENIX (Reuters) – Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on Tuesday ordered the redistribution of materials to train police to enforce the state’s tough immigration crackdown, in a sign that she expects the Supreme Court to endorse the measure in coming days.

Signed by Brewer in April 2010, the law sought to drive illegal immigrants out of Arizona, although most of it was blocked by a federal judge before it came into effect.

Jun 12, 2012

Norwegian swimming champion Dale Oen died of heart disease: official

PHOENIX (Reuters) – Norwegian swimmer Alexander Dale Oen, the world 100 meters breaststroke champion, died of hereditary heart disease, an Arizona medical examiner said on Tuesday.

Dale Oen, who had been considered one of his country’s best hopes for a medal at this year’s Summer Olympic Games in London, collapsed at a training camp in Flagstaff in northern Arizona on April 30 and was later pronounced dead. He was 26.

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