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Aug 29, 2011

China consumerism latest threat to Africa’s elephants: report

NAIROBI (Reuters) – China’s fast-growing consumerism and lax policing of ivory laws are the latest threats to wild elephant populations, said an author of a recent report on endangered species.

Poaching of elephants and other species has increased in Central African countries, with products headed mainly to Asian markets and for the bush meat trade.

May 21, 2010

Rare black rhinos relocated to Africa’s Serengeti

SERENGETI NATIONAL PARK, Tanzania (Reuters) – Conservationists flew the first five of 32 critically endangered East African black rhinos from South Africa back to their habitat in Tanzania’s Serengeti park Friday.

The rhinos had been bred from a group that was rescued from the Serengeti in the 1960s and relocated to South Africa to prevent the total extinction of their sub-species at the hands of poachers.