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Panasonic: ideas for life, but not jobs

February 4, 2009


Panasonic, the world’s No.1 plasma TV maker, is cutting about 15,000 jobs as it grapples with a stronger yen and slowing demand. Half the cuts will be in Japan and half overseas, our report explains. If you work for Panasonic, tell us what’s happening in your office or factory. Have you been told how the cuts will impact you? How do the severance terms where you work compare with other units of Panasonic?


I work in peachtree city Ga. For Panasonic we work two weeks out of the month. that was in Jan.
For feb. maybe 2 or 3 weeks. unless you are running a toyota product. then its 3 weeks. march is reduced to 8 days for the month. Most employees will be gone by July 31 09. Lay offs start March 31. we are eating into our unemployment pay by each week we take. Some weeks we haven’t been paid because of supervisor errors. WE WANT OUR JOBS………………..

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i work for panasonic south africa and i tell you we are in big trouble. no thirteenth cheque and our salaries are peanuts. we have been told that we will have to be out should the economy not get any better. for now its friction at the office and no one knows whats going on or whats the next plan.

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i work for Panasonic document division uk.We were told last week of redundancies.Many employees in this dept have long service,Panasonic using ‘TUPE’ to transfer dept to 3rd party company without any disregard for employees welfare.No compensation for loyalty!!!
Lets hope things look up for the remaining staff.

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We have recently announced a restructuring of our Copier (MFP) business in Europe to pursue a distribution model, a decision made in advance of the recent global announcement. It is proposed that approx. 20 persons engaged in the direct sales and service operation will be transferred to a third party on a basis of a Transfer of Undertakings (TUPe). This ensures the preservation of employment for these role holders. This announced change may result in redundancy for up to 10 employees within Document Solutions who are not part of the Transfer of Undertakings.

Panasonic UK Ltd


Panasonic UK applied the Tupe ruling to the Document Division.Without Tupe,jobs would have still been there at the 3rd party company.This Desicion was in the interest of Panasonic.Consultation,well it was a signed deal before employees were consulted.

The LOYAL employees have made their feelings clear,a CHOICE should and could have been given!!
HR,Panasonic MD,Divisional Domain Management were all sent emails in protest and personal concerns but company CHOSE to hide behind TUPE ruling.Founder KONOSUKE MATSUSHITA core values were never applied to these employees.A very very sad stae of affairs!!!

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In light of current economic climate, a company like Panasonic has to make changes.It also has to recognise that its the staff that are the back bone of its success.
As a curently employed employee at panasonic i cannot understand that when the Direct Copier division was Tupe’d over the staff were treated very badly.The company could have given the staff a choice of redundancy or a transfer.It did not have to apply Tupe,Yet it stood by and let their long service loyal employees resign.well done Panasonic!!

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