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A time for change – part II

By Reuters Staff
June 10, 2009

Last December, Reuters reported how one innovative New Yorker’s desperate search to find a job had paid off big. Joshua Persky, known to many as the “Sandwich Board Guy,” found employment at accounting firm Weiser LLP in midtown Manhattan. Persky, who wrote for Trading Places about his search for work last year, explains how he ended up leaving Weiser to start his own business:

When I received the offer from Weiser, my wife and I were ecstatic. I had been unemployed for 10 months. We had quite a sincere Thanksgiving celebration in Omaha where she was living with our children, but they decided to remain in Omaha to finish out the school year. It was difficult to leave my family, but I returned to New York to get my feet on the ground and focus on my new job as Senior Manager, Valuation & Corporate Finance.

When I started working in December, I was treated to a second round of viral publicity and became a feel-good “Happy Ending Holiday Story.” Whereas before I had been the “Face of the American Economy”, a “Sign of the Times” and the “Sandwich Board Guy,” suddenly I was an inspirational and extreme job hunter who could give expert job hunting advice – and I did:

Be creative.
Be open to change.
Get professional help.
Redo your resume.
Figure out your brand and sell it.
Don’t give up.
Get your family on board.
Be patient.
Lower your expenses as much as possible.
Do what you need to do to keep your spirits up (exercise, eat right, meditate and/or pray).
Don’t lose hope!

It has been quite a challenge living 1,300 miles away from my wife and children. I visited them several times on weekends. They visited me during spring break and are with me now for a few weeks.

Then the group at the accounting firm where I was working underwent a restructuring. Now I’m taking my career to the next level by working for myself. Things are very different for me now than when I left my previous job and walked straight into the global economic crisis. I think the worst of the Great Recession is over, I have a much expanded network and some exciting opportunities on my plate.

As Founder of, I am concentrating on writing, inspirational speaking, career coaching and business valuations consulting – being my own boss for a change. My wife has always wanted me to be an entrepreneur.



Just to add to your list above:

Try keeping yourself up to date and educate yourself with research from as many different sources as possible.

When the opportunity come, be ready.


This blog-Trading places from writer had created more optimism to jobless,and for under-employed,and to seekers for fresh jobs.
What are the methods to be followed on resume data,had waken up to many job aspirants.
This is good training lesson for small business creation as well as small business promotion.

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Smart tips. Don’t ever give up!
Eventually, waiting longer means you may appreciate the job you get even more than it comes to you so easy, almost as a free shopping coupon.

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