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from DealZone:

Bank dealmaking circus=recruiting bait?

Some in the financial industry apparently smell opportunity in the latest round of mergers and blood-letting among top banks.

Referring to the Wells Fargo takeover of Wachovia as the WWF and placing Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis atop a bucking Merrill Lynch bull are just a couple of the attention-getting devices financial sector recruiting firm RJ & Makay uses in its latest promotional You Tube video.

Branching out from a previous video aimed at Merrill Lynch brokers, the new “Billion Dollar Video” (the company claims assets from advisers brought to them via these viral recruiting tools represent billions of dollars) targets all financial advisers but specifically appeals to those currently at Merrill Lynch and Wachovia.

Those brokers are grappling with with the question of whether to accept a retention/transition package, move to another firm or go independent. RJ & Mackay is clearly hoping they'll opt to walk and chose the firm to advise them on where to go next.

Lehman, AIG workers get one break in Chicago


CHICAGO (Reuters) – Employees of Lehman Brothers and insurance giant AIG looking to cry in their beer following a week of turmoil at the troubled companies can at least find a half-priced drink at one Chicago restaurant.

“Everybody is freaking out. We wanted to do something to make their day a little better,” said Scott Weiner, co-owner of The Fifty/50 restaurant that is offering half-off bar and restaurant tabs for anyone who can prove they work or worked for AIG or Lehman Brothers.