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Weekend Roundup


Wall Street Journal: China Investment Corp. Wants You
Job-seeking Wall Street types don’t have a lot of options. Cutbacks have eliminated tens of thousands of jobs. The number of investment banks narrows seemingly by the day. How about going to work for China? China Investment Corp., Beijing’s $200 billion sovereign wealth fund, is launching a new round of recruiting, aiming to fill more than 30 spots from macroeconomic research to stock picking.

The Guardian: Bidders raise hope for UK Lehman jobs
Administrators of Lehman Brothers were racing last night to save up to 3,000 City jobs by selling the UK operations to potential bidders believed to include Barclays and Japan’s Nomura.

New York Magazine: Trickle-Down New York
New York City’s proximity to extreme wealth—and the sense that New York has been fashioned by and for billionaires—is now at risk, along with the budgets of both the city and the state.

The Scotsman: HBoS chief pledges end staff uncertainty over jobs
HALIFAX Bank of Scotland boss Andy Hornby today pledged to staff that he will end the uncertainty on jobs as soon as he can.
In an open letter to staff, seen by the News, the Edinburgh-based firm’s chief executive admitted the merger with Lloyds TSB will “inevitably” lead to job cuts.