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Questions from Facebook and Twitter

April 6, 2011

Reuters social media editor Stephanie Ditta has collected some excellent questions from Facebook and Twitter for World Bank President Robert Zoellick to hopefully answer during his live interview with us today at 2:15 p.m. Here they are:

Chaim Duchovny: Hello Mr. Zoellick. Do you think that the uprisings in the middle east were caused from economic gaps? If the answer is yes, what can the World Bank do in order to minimize such gaps?

Aubrey Effgen: Wouldn’t [it] be clever to support only democratic governments to ensure development to these nations?

Jean Antoine Bruit: Do you think that [the] 21st century will be a century of Africa?

Isaac Mubanda: Why haven’t you introduced the grobe reserve currency so that this financial crisis can be solved?

Vivek Singh: Is there any regulatory body to prevent misuse of World Bank aid?

Zerohedge: [Do you] see the SDR or a gold backed currency as the most likely outcome when the current reserve FX system fails?

Paul Williams: What are the big 5 challenges facing LICs over next 10 yrs? What is the role of WB in helping LICs overcome each one?”

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