Other religions for British stamps?

November 6, 2007

Christmas stamps go on sale today: six special editions featuring angels in the snow and portraits of the Mother and Child.

Royal Mail could be forgiven for breathing a sigh of relief this year after the fuss of 2006 when it was accused of taking the Christ out of Christmas with its secular images of Santa Claus and snowmen.

This year is a religious one according to its policy of alternating between secular and religious themes and so Christian groups should be pleased — for another 12 months at least.

But in an increasingly multi-faith Britain, is Royal Mail right to concentrate solely on Christian themes. Has the time come to issue stamps to coincide with other religious festivals widely observed in Britain — like Ramadan?

Which other religious festivals would you like celebrated on British stamps?


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I would like to see stamps promoting the multicultural diversity of the UK. We truly live in a great country which has embraced all cultures for the better. Britiain should be proud of this heritage.

Posted by Peenal Asar | Report as abusive

You’ve answered the question already….
Its a Chrisian festival in a predominately Christian country so no no no no “other religions”

Ramadan – certainly not
Lets bring this country back to Christianity – lets support the Saudi model – interfere with the faith and …..

Posted by Dave Smith | Report as abusive

England has been a Christian nation for centuries, only in the past few decades have other faiths become promient. However, to say other festivals are “widely observed in Britain” is a mistake. This great nation is still predominantly Christian or Atheist. If anything, we should have less religious stamps, not more.

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Posted by Truth | Report as abusive

None, we should stop encouraging them.

Posted by James C | Report as abusive

Faith is inherently divisive, because different faiths cannot be reconciled. 90% of Britons don’t go to church regularly – time to drop faith from our national culture.

Posted by Nigel Robertson | Report as abusive

The Royal Mail should issue stamps to coincide with Ramadan when Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia issue stamps to coincide with Christmas.

Posted by Brian Cottager | Report as abusive

What a joke. Britain is host to Protestant countries so why should anyone object to the Royal Mail portaying the national beliefs on their stamps?

Yes, Britain is fairly diverse but the British Subjects should respect the religious standing of their host.

Posted by A. Robertson | Report as abusive

What a lovely surprise to have the Christian stamps for xmas. After all it is a Christian festival. This Country is Christian and so we must celebrate our own faith. We are however tolerant of others. If we went to a muslin or other faith country they would not let us celebrate being christians. No keep our faith sacred. It is the only thing this country has left.

Posted by Sue | Report as abusive

As a Hare Krishna devotee I’m clearly not from a Christian church, but am happy to see this current collection of stamps celebrating Christ’s birth.

I really don’t see the point in artificially imposing on Royal Mail’s choice of stamps – Britain is a largely Christian country after all. If other religious festivals are also celebrated at other times of the year then great, but lets not put political correctness before common-sense.


Posted by Gauranga Patel | Report as abusive

Its a Christian holiday so the Christmas stamps should just be Christian.

Posted by Orla | Report as abusive

I think as a nation we have become obsessed with multiculturalism and this obsession is eroding the character and customs that make this country what it is (and indeed what attracts people to come in here to live and work).
Christmas is a Christian event and this country by the nature of it’s monarchy is a Christian country. I’m irritated that the establishment feel the need to apologise for that at every given opportunity.
Muslims make up only one sixtieth of the population and so are a minority. The number of people registered as ‘Jedi Knights’ numbers nearly 25% (390,000) that of muslims (1,500000) so how about having a set of stamps featuring Obi Wan Kenobi?
I may come across as anti-muslim but this is not the case as I am infact a british muslim by marriage, I’m just quite fond of this country and it’s history and customs and feel that if we, as a people don’t stop this apologist mentality we will end up with no identity whatsoever.

Posted by mat | Report as abusive

The United Kingdom is multi-cultural NOT multi-national.The Royal Mail should reflect the British nation, which traditionally is Christian. Change, and next in line will be Pagan stamps, Scientology stamps… Jedi stamps?

Posted by William | Report as abusive

None! Britain is a Christian country with a Christian heritage in a Christian continent and long may it last.

If religious celebration is to become proportionaly representative, every religion or belief would be included. Does anyone want to see Scientology on British stamps??? You may laugh at the suggestion that Scientology would be included. Granted, it is a cult but then, according to the definition of cults, so is Islam; both relatively new to the indigenous population and in a minority.

What a shame that the release of real Christmas stamps should instigate this article. Oh how terrible! Christmas has something to do with Christ! We must write an article on it and point out the fact there’s nothing for the muslims!

Thank you Royal Mail for putting the Christ back into Christmas stamps and leaving other religions and sensitivities out of it. I was quite hurt last year and it is nice you adapted to my sensitivities.

Posted by Britney British | Report as abusive

Like everything else, Christmas is being devalued to appease racists. Basically those who do not celebrate the birth of Christ, and this includes Jehovahs Witnesses, should not even be given the time off work. Royal Mail has been infiltrated by these people a with every other organisation in this Country and with the law as it is, is at their mercy. Will Ourgov make a National holiday of Ramadam – like hell, it thinks we have too much time off now!

Posted by William Fowler | Report as abusive

There are a lot of hindu and muslim Asians in Britain, many permanent residents, others as workers, students etc. There is also a increasing population of Chinese, and Buddhists from south east and far east Asia.
So yes, just concentrating on christmas as a theme for new stamps is not proper.

I have no issues with having christian symbols on stamps, but it would be great if for example the royal mail issues stamps to celebrate the Indian festival of diwali, it has become a big celebration over the years in Britain. Britain is a culturally diverse country and it is always nice if these various cultures and traditions are equally celebrated.

Posted by Nachiket Kelkar | Report as abusive

Perhaps, as not all worldviews have festivals, a set of year end stamps that commemorated the different beliefs important to the residents of the country (and including, to be fair, a stamp for atheists)

Posted by Mike B | Report as abusive

Britain is not a multi-faith country. It is a Christian country which allows the followers of minority faiths to worship as they choose.

Royal Mail should issue stamps with other religious themes if (and only if) it thinks there is a market for them. It should not be influenced by left wing politicians or other wreckers who are constantly seeking to undermine society and impose their own perverted “vision” of what the country should be.

Posted by Mike T | Report as abusive

Rather than asking why they should put other religious symbols on stamps, shouldn’t we be asking why they shouldn’t? On what basis should a public-service provider decide which symbols should appear on its stampts? Should it be based-upon people’s professed religion? If so, around 75% of stamps should bear Christian symbolism and 2.5%, Muslim symbolism (2001 Uk Census). Should it be based upon some loose assessment of ‘tradition’? If so, there is a case for saying the Royal Mail should reach further back into British history and include Pagan symbolism. To me, it appears there is very little justification for restricting religions from stamps unless one is prepared to go all-out and keep stamp-adornment a purely secular affair.

Posted by Joe Rinaldi Johnson | Report as abusive

Do people have nothing better to do than complain about Racism all day? Yes it’s wrong and I’m all against some poor kid getting beat up because his skin’s the wrong colour, but come on it’s a postage stamp! How about we stop fussing over things like “Is it racist to celebrate Christmas?” or using the “N word” on Channel 4 and use that energy to do something more productive like reducing crime rates or feeding the homeless?

Posted by Gareth | Report as abusive

No Royal Mail should not. Any foreigners knew Britain to be a Christian country before they came here, and only a massive arrogance would expect it to change, it certainly would not in their own country! Far too much ‘positive racism’ going on in Britain today! Such consideration for foreigners’delicacies’ are not to be tolerated here.

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

In America they have “In God we trust” on their money. If we did something like that in this country, we’d start a huge war or something. Why is this country so intent in changing? Yes, some things need to be changed. But let’s never forget we are BRITAIN.

Posted by Laura | Report as abusive

Christians stole December 25th from Pagans because they hadn’t a clue when Jesus was born, so perhaps we can have Pagan symbols on stamps, as well. And if religions can be have emblems depicted on stamps can evolutionists have the evolvefish emblem on a stamp to commemorate Darwin Day? Get real! Why have anything depicted on a stamp other than the Queen’s head and the value. The function of a stamp is to show that the correct postage has been paid. Sheesh!

Posted by Roger Hart | Report as abusive

If you believe in ‘political correctness’ – yes, if you
believe in common sense – no.
Once again, you can be sure, the liberal-left will
support ‘political correctness’.

Posted by M2 | Report as abusive

“Which other religious festivals would you like celebrated on British stamps?”

None … other than the MAJORITY, CHRISTIAN ones that are normally celebrated in Great Britain, by the largly CHRISTIAN FAITH ie; Christmas, Lent, Easter.

Posted by Maureen | Report as abusive

yes stamps should be issued to coinicide with other festivals. As Muslim in Britain I pay tax and my religion should be represented on stamps. The Non-Muslims in Saudi are there for employment purposes, they get paid well and they donot pay tax.

Posted by Astakhar Miah | Report as abusive

The day you put another faith on the stamp, they better put a Jedi on it. As i feel that i am being suppressed by the British people. after all we came from a galaxy far far away and to help you. and even through we are only 300,000 strong, we feel that Yoda should be on all your stamps.

Posted by gary sanchez | Report as abusive

Some of you miss the point. I am of asian origin and am extremely proud to be a UK citizen. The British people should be proud of the muticultural aspects of their society, it is unique. The ethnic minorities not only add to the economy of the nation but also make Britain what it is today. A truely multicultural capitalist free market. Welcome to the 21st century.

Posted by Peenal Asar | Report as abusive

One must remember that this country is Christian and thus we should not care what guests’ feeling are.

Posted by Em.C.Spiteri | Report as abusive