Is Vegemite better than Marmite?

May 12, 2008

vegemite.jpgAustralian athletes have asked the Chinese authorities to allow them permits so they can take, what some might say, is their secret weapon for success at this year’s summer Oympics – Vegemite.

With just under 100 days to go until the August games, a directive that the Australian Olympic team must source all food supplies within China has been dubbed the “vegemite ban” by local media.

This little issue got me thinking — is Australia’s national spread, a dark, savory paste made from yeast extract, that good that we need it to help our athletes with Olympic Gold? Would the British government ask for a similar directive for the English equivalent, Marmite?

As the resident antipodean in the London office, I thought such a directive from the Australian Olympic Commitee was right. But my arguments however, that Vegemite was light years ahead of Marmite was met with howls of protest. My Pom mates also disagreed with my thoughts on their sacred spread.

So the question remains, who is right? Which is better? Is it the case that the two are that different or it is a battleground of Ashes’ proportions?


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Which is better is academic really – they are both essentially harvested thrush extract in a pot.

Posted by Tom Morgan | Report as abusive

vegemite is less runny, therefore is better in the physical sense, and the flavour is also a bit better…and i´m italian. on the few occasions that i have been forced to settle for marmite something awful always happens… i have had a fairly blessed life really..due no doubt to my decision to consume the superior yeast extract.

Posted by daniel basTon | Report as abusive

marmite or maybe dairylea

Posted by will smith | Report as abusive

and you smear yourself with marmite, me with vegemite and lets see who gets the most girls

Posted by daniel basTon | Report as abusive

Marmite is nice on wholemeal bread with spicy pickled onions and a strong cheese but otherwise, yes, it is similar in aroma to a yeast infection.

Posted by Julian Bandwidth-Hogg | Report as abusive

Apparently some inmates made very strong moonshine in a prison using grass and water and marmite as the yeast. They got so drunk that they rioted and killed people.

Posted by Schrimmer Skaarperjik | Report as abusive

I’d say allow it. Athletes always have their own rituals (some would say superstitions), and I don’t see harm in allowing vegemite. Surely, Mainland China of all places would understand people enjoying their homeland foods as there are Chinese guided tours overseas that often advertise that they only serve Chinese food on the menu.

Posted by Jack | Report as abusive

The Chinese have wonderful cuisine. Is it not a little offensive that these Aussies can´t accept that? Perhaps there could be a compromise with prawn and Vegemite spring rolls, or crispy aromatic Vegemite?

Marmite is better

Posted by Freddy Boumslang | Report as abusive

Well, seeing as I consume a 500mg jar of Vegemite a day and thing that the last good thing to come from England was Australia, I have to side with Vegemite.

Vegemite also staves off Berri Berri and other illnesses cause by vitamin B deficiency.

The Brits should stick to greasy chips and pickled eels. :)

Posted by Paul | Report as abusive

Well Paul once you have learned how to use the English language. (The word you were looking for is “Think” not “Thing”) then you can bad mouth the Brits, but considering that white Aussies are just deported British criminals i “Think you ought to do your homework before you bad mouth your ancestors. May i add Aussie food is crap!

Posted by John Major | Report as abusive

In reference to the post by John Major… least we can afford to eat steak!!!!!

And Vegemite is better in every way.

Posted by Bag | Report as abusive

Taking a jab at one’s use of the English language on a blog site is silly and a little mean. Your issue should be with typing and editing skills. And, really now, not all of us are secretaries (Admin Assts, whatever) or anul enough to catch these mistakes. C’mon (oops, okay, I’m an American, uh oh), you knew what Paul was trying to say, right?

Can’t we all just get along? Well, apparently not. So let me get into the fray and just say, they both are an aquired taste, vegemite sounds better in song lyrics than marmite does but both have the Vitamin Bs, good for both athletes and us commonfolk. It lowers stress levels, for one. Watch out for the sodium.

Posted by sarah | Report as abusive

N0 questions, marmite should rot in the fires of hell for eternity.

Posted by Matty | Report as abusive

If the Ozzies had any sense they would bring Promite superior to the Pommy paste and the vecon and bovril which was the staple diet of my UK undergraduate toasts.
Of course the best use of yeast is beer invented in Iraq and pizza invented in USA

Posted by john ronan | Report as abusive

Ah-ha! I knew one day my non-bias of pleasure eating would come in handy. Having resided for lengthy periods in both nations, I feel as though I’ve become an expert on matters of Marmite v. Vegemite.

Here are the respective standards: Anyone could eat either on toast or a simple ‘Mite sandwich’ of course with lettuce and tomato. Or the lovely smell of hot buttery toast in the morning with a full jar of Blankmite ready for spreading copiously about the warm, fresh bread, anyone (well almost) could do that.

However the true connoisseur knows the immediate difference when one: served with freezing cold beer, or two: when served in whipped ice cream. Having stated the conditions there will be no Ashes here folks, Vegemite wins hands down. Hey! Put down those wickets.

Posted by jon paul | Report as abusive

Both products are vile, unhealthy and heart attack poison with enough salt to kill an ox!

They taste like the scapings from a sewage pipe! YUCK!

Posted by Keith M Warwick | Report as abusive

That’s the pot calling the kettle black! Mr Major is the one who hasn’t done his homework, ie surprise surprise all white Aussies aren’t British criminals. Dear me what an ignorant statement. And how would Keith know what scrapings from a sewage pipe would taste like anyway? Seems like Keith is quite the adventurer to know the tastes of the scrapings of a sewer pipe, marmite and vegemite. At least vegemite isn’t as poisonous as most of the processed food available. As vegemite is an aquired taste, those that do acquire this taste appreciate the finer things in life…:) Marmite too if that’s your thing. But for those Aussies brought up on the ol’ vegemite, sorry to say but Marmite, bovril and promite are last resort alternatives. Go you ‘happy little vegemites!’

Posted by Conscientious Observer | Report as abusive

If Chinese athletes can take Caterpillar fungus (Yarshagumba), than what’s wrong with Vegemite for Australian athletes.

Posted by AY | Report as abusive

they are both disgusting…let’s not give in to China’s greedy need to squeeze every bit of profit from the Olympics…let the Aussies have their spread

Posted by birdy | Report as abusive

Not only is Vegemite better, so is everything else from God’s own country. Take your pic – rain and wind at Blackpool in summer (!) versus palm trees and crystal blue ocean on thousands of km of coastline. No choice really.

Posted by Robbie | Report as abusive

You can compete for the gold with the best of them and do it all in style. ,

Posted by No_limits14 | Report as abusive

And indigenous Scandinavians? ,

Posted by JXL55 | Report as abusive