Banning booze from the tube

May 29, 2008

tube1.jpgMayor Boris Johnson’s ban on drinking alcohol on the London underground starts on Sunday.The news hasn’t gone down well in some quarters and plenty of groups on Facebook have said they will be holding protest wakes.

Others believe the ban will have little effect on threatening behaviour on the tube anyway — most people who cause problems are drunk anyway and only a few are actually carrying cans with them, they say.

Do you believe the ban will make much difference?


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Banning alcohol on the tube sounds like a positive step in bringing back the sense of decorum and descency that used to be the foundation of good behaviour. Something that we as a nation used to be known for. I think this is a positive step in the right direction, its just that before this we need to at least try and get control of all the spewing glue sniffers that seem to frequent the tube!!

Posted by Alister | Report as abusive

A good start on making public transport safe for decent people, but the test will be in whether the ban is enforced.

Hopefully this won’t go the same way that so many Labour “initiatives” have gone before – all spin and no action.
Remember the “crackdown” on carrying knives?

Posted by Mike T | Report as abusive

Banning alcohol on London’s public transport is a step in the right direction. I would also like to see bans on eating and for ‘feet on seats’. Fines should be applied to all of these anti-social acts – in the same way fines are imposed for smoking and fare dodging.

Most importantly, these bans/fines should be enforced by significantly increased numbers of the inspectors who currently police fare dodging and smoking.

Posted by Frank | Report as abusive

No. It will just mean that more people get stabbed.

Posted by Charlie | Report as abusive

/ / How? / /

Posted by Alister | Report as abusive

I do not think banning alcohol on the tube will make much of a difference to behavior etc etc I use the tube a lot and i haven’t ever really noticed any big problems with it. Despite that i think it might be a step in the right direction, though i really see it as a publicity stunt to kick off boris’ mayorship.

Trying to do something about the litter on them would be useful, some tubes resemble dustbins with seats late in the evening, those free papers in the afternoon dont help.

Doing something to stop the intimidating beggars who appear late at night would be good, i have come one twice and its not good when there is no one else on the carriage.

Posted by Graham Epps | Report as abusive

Ever been on the underground in Taipei? No food or drink is allowed and it’s one of the cleanest and most civilised subway systems I’ve ever seen. I appreciate that it is not feasible to ban all drinks on the London Underground as water is needed by travellers in hot weather, but I can’t believe that they didn’t ban alcohol and food a long time ago!

Posted by Jay | Report as abusive

It’s a noble idea. Personally, I’d like to ban the constant engineering works first

Posted by Chinners | Report as abusive

They shouldn’t allow people who are not in a sensible state of mind onto public transport. That would prevent violence that happens in these public places.

Posted by Elise | Report as abusive