Would a new leader brighten Labour’s chances?

August 1, 2008

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 A Daily Telegraph poll coming on the heels of all the speculation about David Miliband’s leadership intentions suggests that even if Labour did ditch Gordon Brown, they would still be thrashed in the next general election.

It predicted that with Miliband at the helm, Labour would still only win 24 percent of the vote, against 47 percent for the Conservatives.

The only man, it said, who could make much difference is — Tony Blair.

Do you agree? Is Labour now so unpopular that it cannot win no matter who leads it?


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Why on earth would anyone vote for Bliar if he returned. He is discreadited and a failure. He has achieved little in his current role judging by the continued violence in the middle east. He is soiled goods and if Labour wish to be linked to soiled goods more fool them. They i.e Labour should fall on their swords and call a general election so that the honest hard working people of this country can be put out of their misery. Labour have done what they always do, spend, spend, spend. As we all know by the belt tightening that we are all doing now due to high taxes, rates, fines, none productive civil service, and general government failure to regulate properly the Banking and Finance industry. Prudence has been thrown out with the bath water and I seem to remember this was a labour watchword. Bliar is great for the conservatives and would doom labour to extinction. Labour cannot muster one statesman who leads with honour and dignity. The ministers we have now are basically unemployable if results are anything to go by.

Posted by Nigel | Report as abusive

The country cannot afford this Labour government regardless of who may lead them. They have destroyed just about everything that was good about Britain and taken away many of our freedoms. They have taxed the lower paid to the hilt and still are greedy for more. The sooner they go to be replaced by politicians with integrity and a love of this country, the better. Such a pity that UKIP doesn’t get a look in – we need some alternatives to this self-serving bunch.

Posted by Nan | Report as abusive

Probably but I think it would be a mistake to go back to the Tories.

David Cameron campaigned against the minimum wage and other measures which improved society, and was deeply involved in the spriralling interest rates of the nineties which people seem to have forgotten about. He has no integrity or serious policies which he will stick to.

Labour are far from perfect but the alternative is worse.

Posted by Adrian Slattery | Report as abusive

Oh poor Gordon, he and his advisers thought they knew it all when they campaigned against Tony the maverick and stole the mandate of the people through the backdoor. I hope now the true labour party faithfuls realise that to be a leader is totaly different from managing finances. Tony knew how to pick a policy from his advisers while Gordon doest not know the difference between ideas & decision making. Good ideas do not necessarily conclude to good policy. The one constant thing in the world is change which Brown has failed to grasp. The british people are changing but Brown and his cabinet think they can force a different change, which even China cannot do with its communist ideology. The UK people desire food and housing, not green taxes. Climate change is inevetible so why tax people for what you cant stop and on the other hand cant provide for them their basic needs for today. Any glimmer of change in leadership will be supported by the people. We can all see why Barack Obama has a growing popularity in American politics even though he is quite new to the scene, the campaign for change is a natural phenomena. Brown coward away from his oppurtunity by not callin an election., by cheakily using the backdoor to to get to power. Its time the parliment change the law so that within 6months of a PM resigning, a fresh election must be done, for the new leader to get a mandate from the people

Posted by Obidike | Report as abusive

This has been the worst government in living memory. In 10 years they’ve taken us from a position of historic strength to being virtually on our knees in every aspect of our national life. Their incompetence is criminal. Whoever they get to lead their sordid little party now, they will lose the next election by the biggest margin since the Civil War, and I hope they stay out of power for at least a generation (which unfortunately is about as long as it will take to undo all the harm they’ve done to the country).

Posted by Matthew | Report as abusive

The Electorate will not vote for the Labour Party as it is now, decisive leadership needs to be demonstrated, a clear vision, the big picture needs to be laid out, the correct wording and lastly perhaps there is an image problem.

Mr Brown appears to be a hard worker, leadership is being able to have clear goals, the public knows about sound bites and micromanaging, tinkering-and are sick of all the spin and knee jerk reactions; if Labour wants to pull out of the abyss- it needs to tackle the big issues with joined up thinking, for example the welfare reform would have to include Education, a better Education for all,a work ethic needs to be instilled, welfare is not a lifestyle choice; there should not be any youngsters hanging about with nothing to do, if they want to use knives-then it’s bootcamp for them; NHS- scrap NICE, people would be able to have the cancer drugs, when there is little hope what is there to lose, the Services-need to be properly equipped and when Service Personnel are injured, they need to be cared for in Service Hospitals. (to mention just a few things.)

A new manifesto is needed, maybe the public will come back, but at the moment, no chance, there is crisis after crisis.

Posted by liz | Report as abusive

There are two easy changes that any of the parties could promise which without doubt would get them relected in Labours case or elected in the Tory or libs case. Firstly restore tax relief on mortages, which would put money back in the electorates pockets, would boost the economy and restart the housing market, and therefore the economy. Secondly renationalise all the utilities, Gas, Electricity and water making the electorate the shareholders again and making them non-profit organisations.

Posted by Peter | Report as abusive

Labour will be annihilated at the next election, whenever it is and whoever is in charge. Tony Blair would not help them, albeit he was a far stronger leader than Brown. Brown has been deemed to have been a very successful Chancellor, that is highly debateable. He inherited a very healthy economic environment and has left us with a dreadful one. Success??? The Labour government and whole group of MP’s, despite all the ‘New Labour’ hype, are basically not much different to the old, in that the vast majority of them could not run a small business yet we entrust them to run the country, a very large business. Unfortunatley for the Conservatives, the economic mess they will have to deal with will put them in a dreadful light after a couple of years in power, so Cameron needs to have some drastic new measures ready, and be prepared to take on the grossly inefficient Public sector, especially the civil service and NHS non-medical liabilities. Drastic measures will be supported provided they are seen to be justified and will get results.

Posted by dave evans | Report as abusive

Labour is responsible for going to war with Iraq and puppet
movement of the great Bushite warmonger association.

Down with Labour-Warmongers.

Posted by Carl Barbosa | Report as abusive

The damage done by the Labour government since 1997, both socially and economically, needs remedial action.
The sooner Labour are seen off, the better. Even Labour voters are beginning to understand this.

Posted by Patrick Baxter | Report as abusive

The sooner we get rid of this inept, out of touch government the better. I have never in all my 50 years come across a government that cares so much about looking after itself, rather than looking after it’s people. They are just tories in disguise, but at least the Tories dont pretend to be something else, they get my vote at the next election, and i and my family have voted labour all our lives. Not any more, go now Brown, you were never meant to be PM. Tony was trying to tell you that all along, by delaying his departure for so long. Imagine if Tony B’liar had passed on the reins when Brown first wanted them, what sort of state would we be in now…TOTAL MELTDOWN. Thank God, that never happened. Its bad enough now. Please Mr.Brown, for the sake of our nation, please step down, you are rubbish at the job, as charismatic as a chocolate rocking horse in front of a radiator.

Posted by Steve Bruns | Report as abusive

Old Socrates was correct: Those who want to be in government office are usually the most unfit and untrustworthy for those roles. Certainly in British politics, this theory has been proven true. Have we forgotten the brutal greed and selfishness of the Tory party over its years in power? Public utilities were savaged, public services undermined, and the assets of the nation sold off to Tory cronies (many of which were only to be wrecked, sold back at inflated profits, or necessitating replacement –as in the wasteful selling of County Hall and replacing it with the hideous new building at Tower Bridge!).

Labour inherited many of the sins of the Tory party and exacerbated them–thanks to Tony Blair’s servile and sycophantic co-operation with the truly evil Bush Administration.

There is no hope to be expected from government. One party is simply a reflection of the other party, and all are horribly incompetent, self-serving and corrupt… offering only short-term platitudes and unrealistic, flittering images and impressions.

The dark forces of Big Money are the true players, pushing these little office-holding pawns around. Having manufactured a consumerist economy that makes us completely helpless in our dependance on their cars, oil, supermarkets, etc., they are now pinning us to the ground for the final kill. A more treacherous and hopeless prospect for mankind can hardly be imagined….

Posted by tom tilson | Report as abusive

I think the whole country is in agreement – we need to get rid of this government and unelected leader. Is there no mechanism for doing this other than asking him to admit defeat? If not we should be talking to the head of the army and organising a KU by force before the country goes bankrupt. (im joking of course – I don’t want to get a call from MI5 – just trying to make a point)

Posted by Conor McCartney | Report as abusive

I emphatically agree. I was cradled in Socialism. It’s in my blood! Early in Blair’s reign I wrote to him saying that he could well do what nobody else had done, which was to make me and my kind vote against the Labour Party. Well, he managed to do just that! I am convinced that millions think as I do. Brown aided and abetted Blair, and is ignoring our wishes as Blair did. Their notion of democracy is grotequely twisted, yet they waste our men and our substance in defending it!

Posted by D.Thomas | Report as abusive

Labour will lose no doubt about it, Ist reason is trust, no one trusts labour anymore and the 2nd is Europe the majority of people do not want this anymore now they realise the consequences,and they believe all the PMs of the country has been bought off and are selling us down the river for their own personal gain and lastly they have finaly woke up to how Gordon Brown has ruined the economy and the majority (of pensioners who have been frugal and are now been persicuted for it)are now anti labour, more and more I hear people saying they are going to vote BNP because the rest have let the population down and are only interested in feathering their own nest, as has been proved beyond any doubt this last 3 months NO Labour has not got a cat in H**** chance of winning the next election as I have already said no one will believe anything they say

Posted by Sydney Hobson | Report as abusive

For goodness sake, can anyone in their right mind seriously consider David Cameron to lead our country?
This arrogant, overblown, preppie schoolboy with bullytalk aspirations, coaxed and surrounded by old-school, right wing, blundering failures?

Nobody knows what Cameron stands for, and until there is a serious rethink and a sincere vision within the Conservative Party, I say take a breath Gordon, stand firm and be true to yourself. Blair is a hard act to follow in anybody’s book, but to hell with the polls half way through term.

When the time comes, and people have that hard reality staring them in the face, of course Labour can still win given the stark alternative. And less we forget, it isn’t over ’til it’s over.

Posted by michael | Report as abusive

Labour are a bunch of no-hopers lead by a complete looser

Posted by G. McAndrew | Report as abusive

Godon Brown looks as tired as the government he leads. No change of leader at this stage of a parliament and with the economy in such a poor and deteriorating state will make any difference to the party’s poor electoral prospects.
I don’t Gordon Brown will be pushed out of No. 10 this year. However, if the party are badly mauled again in next year’s local and European elections, the parliamentary party may decide anyone could do better than Gordon.

Posted by Andrew Cox | Report as abusive

There’s plenty of time for some lucky breaks for Labour and for gaffes by the opposition.Did not Harold say a week is along time in politics and Harrold McMillan say’events my boy,events’

Posted by donald bailey | Report as abusive

I feel sorry for Brown because it seems that international events caused his problems. Problems that would make any leader look inefective. I believe that before an election occures, something will happen that he will handle well and put him back in the driving seat. Perhaps Blair could be effective, but I dont think he would be the person for these conditions. Brown will survive and win the next election for Labour.

Posted by Michael | Report as abusive

The party is doomed whoever leads it, the country wants change and is heartily sick of their policies , corruption and arrogance. Shame we will have 18 months of ineffective Government in the middle of a recession. It will probably take labour about ten years to recover electoral credibility. They will only be remembered for Iraq, the recession and taxing the country into oblivion to support an over bloated public sector.

Posted by Ian | Report as abusive

Gordon Brown, the Prudent has proven what quite a few people had suspected before his ascent to the throne: he is a demagogue with a closed mind and with a dangerous authoritarian streak. So now Tony Blair again??? Have people forgotten about Iraq, Afghanistan and his other wars, not to mention his related and unrelated lies? On the other hand, do people really imagine that David Cameron will bring salvation and solutions to all the ills we attribute to the Tony-Gordon reign? Does nobody remember that before each change of power, us naive people expected a clean-up of sleaze and hoped for solutions to blatant problems, for which we had been promised all sorts of nice things to get our votes? So, are we going to give the Liberals a chance then to see if they could do better, after all, they have been advocating more moral policies than the others in the safe knowledge that they won’t actually be tested in government? Poor old Nick Clegg – ‘Nick who?’, you ask -, he would be shocked if by some miracle he would have to step into government. IT IS THE SYSTEM, STUPID! There is absolutely nothing to choose between these people and parties. Tony? Gordon? David? Nick? – no difference. I’ll be voting Monster Raving Loony next time – but sadly they are getting boring too since the sad demise of Screaming Lord Sutch, and in government they would turn into Tony, Gordon, David and Nick as well.

Posted by Tom | Report as abusive

I don’t personally rate Gordon Brown, not least because I always thought he was a deceitful Chancellor, and claimed all the credit for himself that should have gone to the Conservative government who had delivered a strong economy. We all know that Brown squandered their legacy.

But is there not a case for arguing that now we are simply bullying him. The reality is he is PM. His position is entirely constitutional. If our democracy does not want him as leader, then there is a constitutional way of removing him. It takes a majority of MPs to vote no confidence, that’s all. We the people voted in the Labour parliamentary majority, who now shilly shally and tinker, and look to there personal best interests. We have made fools of ourselves. I cannot forgive or even respect anyone who voted Labour at the last 3 General Elections.

Posted by Sandy | Report as abusive

New labour/Old Conservative: It’s all pretty much the same flavour of vanilla these days isn’t it.

Politics these days (both in the UK and the US) are mainly concerned with firstly their careers, secondly lies, deceit and spin, and thirdly financial gains.

Vote Green – they don’t have a cnnace of winning, but it should makes you feel better than not voting at all.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

A new leader won’t help the walking dead. The sooner they’re buried to stop them doing further harm, the better.

Roll on the election. Use your vote and give it to whichever candidate has the best chance in your constituency of getting these evil people out.

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

How to change Government and make Briton better in 3 easy steps…

Step 1) Tell the Labour Party that their end of summer convention is to be held on a big boat off the coast of Bournemouth.

Step 2) Sink that boat with all on bored. You might like to throw in a few gray haired Law Lords and Judges (the ones that give rapists 6 month sentences).

Step 3) Lower the voting age to 16 (the age you can fight for you country) And hold a General Election.

Posted by Alex | Report as abusive

Do you, half of you want to return to the inflationary
Thatcher years where greed was God, NHS employing “business managers” instead of training more nurses, what desperate times they were.
She put people out of work in droves and think
dear David was an adviser to the witch.
He just reminds me of a over zealous sixth former or I should say , a bottle of lemonade, all gas and no substance..

Posted by Mary J | Report as abusive