Who’s the star so far?

August 18, 2008

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Who do you think is shaping up to be the biggest star of these Olympics?

After a week of stirring achievements, there is no lack of candidates — Usain Bolt’s almost casual 100 metres win, Michael Phelps’ record haul of gold medals and Rebecca Adlington’s first women’s double gold swimming feat for Britain are obvious headliners.

But what about cyclist Rebecca Romero who has become the first British woman to win medals in two different Summer Olympic sports? In fact the entire teams of the Brits on the bikes and in the boats have done us proud.

What has been the standout performance for you?



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After a long period of thirty years in the history of Olympic,Michael Phelps’has grabbed ‘eight gold’ medals breaking the past record of ‘seven gold’ medals made by Merk Speize of Hawai.It was at the Munich Olympic 1972,where the world record of winning ‘seven gold’ medals done.So far,eight Olymic games have been held,no such highly appreciable performance made individualy,is seen.’Eight gold’medals can win, who? Who is that rare person,can display the world ‘eight gold’ medals taking at a time in his hand? Who would be remained unconquerable at least many more years ,as the ‘king of eight gold medals’ in the olymic? He is the real hero! The name is pulsating throughabout the world is ” Michael Phelps”.

Posted by PRANAB HAZRA | Report as abusive

The entire cycling and rowing teams have been fantastic. GB have topped the medal tables in those two disciplines. I think Ben Ainslie’s achievments are being glossed over. He’s now won 1 silver and 3 golds at four separate Olympic games. Surely it’s time for Sir Ben Ainslie?

Posted by Shep | Report as abusive

Personally enjoyed Bolt’s 100m performance best so far. Sure Phelps is an amazing athlete, and these two are undoubtedly the stars of the games, but as a visual spectacle Bolt’s carefree yet blistering speed just looked far more impressive.

Posted by Grant | Report as abusive

No question, the British cycling team have been the most outstanding feature of the Games so far. Almost total world dominance over a huge variety of events and involving a large number of athletes (not just one freak performer) from Nicole Cooke’s gold after three and a half hours determination in monsoon conditions on mountainous Chinese roads to gold-after-gold in world record breaking sprinting and endurance riding on the super fast Beijing Velodrome. I do not believe we will ever see the like of this again at any Olympics in any sport.

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

By far the outstanding achievement of the Games was
the 100 metres of Usain Bolt. He made all the other
top sprinters look as if they were running backwards.
Bolt looks set for a unique double in the 200 metres.

Posted by Bernard Gadd | Report as abusive

Three gig cheers for Phelps!

Phelps has been so wonderful and magnificent that he will certainly be remembered as the greatest Olympian of all time.

His heartwarming triumph over adversity and personal difficulties is the most superb inspiration to anyone who thought life was too tough.

I take my hat off to someone who wears the winners wreath with incomparable deservedness.

America must be incredible proud!

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I grew up on the other side of the rain forested hills separating Trelawney and St Elizabeth, in Jamaica. The closest thing we have to swimming pools are the pools that form in the streams cascading from these hills. We don’t have access to the resources that most developed nations take for granted. This makes Usain’s triumph that much sweeter.

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