Should women box in the London Olympics?

August 20, 2008


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Boxing chiefs are to press for the inclusion of female fighters in the 2012 London Olympics.

They say theirs is the only sport in the Olympic programme without women and they await a decision from the International Olympic Committee by December.

Women did actually box in the 1904 Olympics and the sport has developed a higher profile in recent years thanks to boxers like Laila Ali and Jaqueline Frazier-Lyde, the daughters of old rivals Muhammed Ali and Joe Frazier.

The International Boxing Association women’s commission vice-chairwoman Bettan Andersson believes having women’s boxing at the Olympics would help improve the overall image of the sport.

“If women come in, people will feel the sport is more common, not so dangerous, and that would be a very good thing for the image of boxing,” she says.

But not everybody agrees.

There are plenty who say that even men’s boxing is too brutal a spectacle to be part of the Olympics and that to see women belting each other in the ring would be even worse.

Better to open the door to the sports like golf and rugby that are lobbying for inclusion in the Games.

Do you think women’s boxing should be included in the London 2012 programme?


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Women’s boxing is a fabulous sport, now more regulated and popular than ever. Putting it in the Olympics will help legitmize and increase interest. Why isn’t it in the Olympics?

Posted by laura | Report as abusive

Of course they should. What kind of stupid question is that?

Posted by Catalina | Report as abusive

I can’t believe that in 2008, this is being debated.

Women’s boxing should definitely be included in the 2012 Olympics and I would be thrilled to watch it!

Posted by Dianne | Report as abusive

They fight in the streets so why not in the ring?

Posted by Peter | Report as abusive

It is true,the participation of women boxers is not happenning in the olympic game at all.It may be questioned of the inequality and uncommonness to the women, respect to the right to participation with such event in the olympic game.But practically,it should be so,that the women should be away from such tough-fightting game at least. It seems to be the women are generally soft sentimented inherently. They could no longer continue such aggressive approach.because they are not shapped physically as well as mentally.As there are so many events are lying in the olympic games,where the women can establish themselves satisfactorily.

Posted by PRANAB HAZRA | Report as abusive

The subject of boxing or kick boxing should not even be brought up. Has Pranaba Hazra watched the Olympics at all? The women are warriors with strength and agility. Women have already given the go-ahead to participate in Judo and Taikwondo, so I don’t understand your hesitation. You are irrational and have no backing for your argument. And if you have not realized it, sir, I am more mentally shaped than you are, so what does that say about women in general? And just to let you know, I participate in kick boxing myself, and I have taken down a number of men. In essence, all women should chose their own path, and men like you should just step aside.

Posted by Jay McDonald | Report as abusive

No – anything that encourages anyone to fight should be banned.

Posted by Paulene Bailey | Report as abusive

If they can fight let them fight, women’s boxing in the olympics can only do good for a sport hats often plagued with a thin talent pool. Olympic competition could be just the catalyst needed to not only draw interest towards the sport but create the foundations for a better stronger more competent talent pool in the future.

Posted by Ariel Guadalupe | Report as abusive

If we all believe in equality then open boxing up to women, let them compete against men (with the same weight) and let the chips fall as they may.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

ive been boxing in the army for a year now and i love it i think women should be aloud to box in the olympics jus like everybody else

Posted by emma | Report as abusive

Awesome news about women’s boxing in the 2012 London Olympics. Australia should field some strong contenders.

Posted by Australian Boxing | Report as abusive