Can Bradman’s record be broken?

August 27, 2008

bradman.jpgAustralian cricketer Don Bradman was born 100 years ago — on Aug. 27 1908 in the New South Wales country town of Cootamundra.

His feats on the cricket pitch were the stuff of legend. He averaged 100 runs every three innings and by the time he retired in 1948 his test batting average was a record 99.94 — perhaps the most famous number in cricketing history.

The world has seen some remarkable records broken over the past week at the Olympics in Beijing — do you think it is likely that Bradman’s 99.94 will ever be bettered? Can any modern batsman even compare?

The best days of modern greats like Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting appear over, but could England’s great hope Kevin Pietersen catch up and overtake that magic average?


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Don’t be so silly!!!!

Posted by Kevin | Report as abusive

There is no such batsman in the world of cricket,who can achieve the highest test average run of 99.94 as made by Sir Bradman. This figure 99.94 would be ever remembered by the cricket lovers.The historic number 99.94 must be retained by Don Bradman to his credit.It is an unsurmountable record and never breakable at all.Sacin Tendulcar,no doubt, ‘The greatest’ batsman at present in the cricket world which is statistically approved i,e.number of centuries in test cricket,highest runs in oneday cricket,highest number of fifties etc.Only he would require few more runs to touch the score of highest total runs in the test cricket i,e. he needs to overcome lara’s recod of highest total runs in the cricket history.Sachin is far ahead as compared to other competitors, in such record making one after one.He would also remain untochable and unovercomable for years.He is realy ‘The great’.But Sir Bradman is distinguished one and would remain so, as the world best test average run (99.94)owner.It is the symbolic number in the cricket world.

Posted by PRANAB HAZRA | Report as abusive

Kevin petersen, comparing with Don or Tendulkar or Lara! This is like saying Tim Henman is better than Sampras. What a comic piece of writing is this.

Posted by Steve Reed | Report as abusive

Kavin……R U JokingHow Can U even Think @ ItAccording To Me Sachin Is The Best Player Of This Timebut even He Couldn’t Achieve That Feet … And Even He Has Admitted Thatbut How Any One Can Say Kavin……i just Cant Believe That anybody Could think this Way….i am Shocked

Posted by Aryan | Report as abusive

hey i think ur really going mad whn ur writting this aticals cos frm my knowledge don is the gretest plyer of the game and after tht only some name are thr like sachin , lara . so hw can u say kevin will b tht man , its really a very good joke frm ur side

Posted by arun | Report as abusive

if playerlike yuvraj can hit 6 sixes in 6 balls, then any player can score more than 94 at average in test cricket

Posted by vikramnakrani | Report as abusive

Even if someone does break Bradman’s record no one can match his caliber …Bradman’s the best.

Posted by VN | Report as abusive

No one can match the caliber of the great Sir Donald Bradman.even Indian legend Sachin didnot even come close to such any average..Kevin u are still a kid.

Posted by Ricky | Report as abusive

Even Sachin coudnt achieve it ,then how that little kevin can.

Posted by waseem | Report as abusive