Should parents be allowed to smack?

October 8, 2008

mumtoddler0401kierandoherty.jpgShould parents be allowed to smack their children, or should smacking be treated the same as an assault?

A group of MPs is again pushing for a change in the law for an outright ban on smacking.

The current law allows parents to smack their children but the punishment cannot leave bruises, cuts or scratches.

Those who overstep the mark can face prison. Campaigners say this situation is a mess and confusing for parents. Children’s Commissioner for England Al Aynsley-Green has spoken out against it.

However, polls indicate that the majority of parents believe they should have the right to discipline their children how they want, including the use of smacking.

Should smacking be banned? Send us your comments 


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Ever watched a wildlife program on TV?

The parents smack their youngsters to teach them the difference between right and wrong.

Wanting to stop people smacking their kids is against nature and is just another example of the malignant Socialist mindset that tries to control every aspect of people’s lives.

The sooner we are rid of these awful people the better.

Posted by Jason | Report as abusive

I am the parent of an eight year old, and I reserve the right to smack him. I have had to smack him once for an action which endangered both himself and several other people. I had verbally warned him twice against this action, explaining both times to him why he shouldn’t. Once he had been smacked, which was little more than a sharp tap on the back of the thighs, I explained that I had warned him, and he had chosen to ignore that.
He has never over stepped a warning since.
Perhaps if the parents who sit on their backsides and just continually say, “Stop that.” without taking any action occasionally did something more constructive, there would be fewer children and young people with a complete disregard for anyone and anything other than themselves.

Posted by Jennifer | Report as abusive

How will you discipline him when he reaches 15, and can smack back? And do you both advocate smacking for the elderly or mentally ill, when they get a bit confused or truculent, and struggle to take verbal instruction on board? I have always failed to understand why the advocates of smacking want it solely for people under a certain age – if it’s such a successful method why shouldn’t a husband be allowed to give his wife a ‘sharp tap on the back of the thighs’ if his dinner isn’t up to the mark? And would it be considered success if after that method the problem did not recur?

Posted by Antoine Dumas | Report as abusive

“Spare the rod and spoil the child” – a very old saying, but none the less valid today! History is supposed to stop us repeating our earlier mistakes, so why do the ‘namby pamby’ social worker types have to try to constantly screw things up, as they have no clear validity in much of their limp reasoning, and have had so many liberal chances in the past, and quite clearly, society has suffered for it. Now these people I could easily and happily assault, criminally or otherwise!

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive

Here in New Zealand we have had an anti smacking law in place for perhaps a year now. We have a Socialist government hopefully to be turned out next month, so we shall see if it remains on the statute books. I believe it was brought in to stem rising violence amongst, regrettably but statistically true, those of non european ethnicity. Does it work? Does it drive domestic violence underground? I don’t know I’m not a social worker. I last smacked one of my children when she was 10 as her behaviour was interfering with my driving; I felt awful. I do not support our state’s right to prevent a parent smacking his child in times of imminent danger.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

Perents should not take the resort to smacking their guilty children of and on.It is true that,punishment is needful to award the guilty chidren for their rectification of errors done by them.Punishment should be based on keen judgements of the ‘lavel of offense’.It must not be exorbitting respect to the offense commited by the children.The objective of punishment should never be torturring the offender.Just a fear or frightening ipression should be left in the mind of the offending children.It is wise to avoid smacking the children.It seems to be inhuman indeed.

Posted by Pranab Hazra | Report as abusive

i had 2 google ‘does uk law allow 2 smack your child’ The reason is a friend of mine who has a 12 year old son who was always spoiled as a child and was very rarely smacked and has now ended up a troubled boy, punched his mother recently kept pushing her and really hurt her.. she lifted the only thing close 2 her which was a brush and she hit him on the leg 2 get him off! I know he scared her very much that she herself phoned the social worker!! but the social worker phoned the police and reported the mother for child abuse, but the police didn’t do anything because she was defending herself even though he was only 12! i personally think if she had of disciplined him as a child he would not be constantly attackin his mother now!

Posted by leona | Report as abusive

i have a eleven year old, but he is a twin, he is very verbale towards me and there has been many threats against me. i have smacked him but to be told that he is phoning the police on me, can any one out there please help me, or give me some advice on what to do ????

Posted by sammy33 | Report as abusive