Should “SuperGord” hold a snap election?

October 15, 2008

gordonbrown.jpgOnly a few weeks ago the cartoons were showing Gordon Brown paddling up the proverbial creek without a paddle as his poll ratings slumped under an endless succession of bad news. The Tories were practically measuring up the curtains at No. 10.

Now — after a crisis that was surely the ultimate answer to a maiden’s prayer — it’s caped crusader “SuperGord” saving the world, lauded by grateful governments across the globe for slaying the fearsome credit crunch monster. Kapow, splat.

Rumours abound that he might even seize the moment and call a snap election rather than wait for the coming economic slump to sour the electorate’s mood again.

Do you think the Prime Minister has managed to make himself electable again with his triumphant rescue package for the banks? Should he go to the country now?     


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Gordon has done the impossible: he has morphed from Gormless Gordon to Guper Gordon in one swift move and like Churchill risen admirably to the occasion. I am truly amazed and surprised!

They are even saying amongst the international financial cognoscenti – inc. the French – that Gordon has actually saved the world’s economies? Can you believe that? Well it’s true – at least we cannot deny it outright.

Now that is an astonishing claim – yet here we are in what has become almost a surreal part of world history where Gordon Brown actually drops the 42 day demand (and assault on Habeus Corpus) and ‘saves the world’???!!!

And yet I do somehow think that Mr Brown has redeemed himself by showing what is surely a brilliance that we never thought he possessed.

Watch out Tony – I think Gordon may just pip you at the post for President of the EU, AND win the next election toboot!

We live in amazing times, despite the appalling suffering of those who are seriously strapped for cash.

The test is now, Gordon my dear chap, to help the needy and help them quickly. And I mean QUICKLY – including people in work/self-emplyed who are in dire need.

If you cannot do that then you can French kiss my vote goodbye! :-)

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Typo: I meant ‘Super Gordon’, not ‘Guper Gordon’ :-(

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Don’t think he will. Although, just before the party conference season, the Tories were calling for an election so it would be pretty hard for them to claim opportunism etc.
It’s the government’s luxury to set the election date so don’t see why not.
HOWEVER – although the Tories couldn’t say much, the public may feel it’s opportunism and no government would really want to risk an election during dark, wet nights where campaigning would be tricky.
Spring – April / May time would really be his next opportunity.

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The unemployment figures and the fall in world markets today (2 days after “the world was saved!”) tell the real story. We are falling headlong into a deep hole and no amount of funny money scattered into the wind is going to make any difference.

Brown is one of the people who brought us to this and no-one with more than 2 brain cells would vote for him, but he might well go for an election because whatever the result it can only be a win-win for him personally. If he wins, he keeps his job – if he loses, he goes out as a hero (to some) whose “masterstroke was then undermined by the Tories”.

Cut back your spending and fasten your financial seatbelt. The damage to the country is already done and it’s going to be a hairy ride.

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Gordon Brown’s claim – 63 quarters of growth must mean I’m doing something right.
Actual Figures – National Debt up to 45% from 35%, breaking his golden rule.
Nothing saved for a rainy day, failure to regulate the financial or housing sectors. Public sector borrowing requirement at record levels, unemployment highest for 17 years, trade deficit worst for 300 years.
5 more years of Gordon Brown… I THINK NOT. As for his masterstoke of saving the banks, he had no other choice and the idea came from the Conservatives!

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I doubt he has the courage at the moment. I think he will wait as long as possible, like John Major, hoping everything will turn out OK for him and the ecomomy will start too look better.

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Let’s have one now and get it over with. Cameron and Osborne are rfeally flunking it but might just scarpe in if they are quick enough.

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“Seize the moment”?

Have you seen the state of the markets? There will definitely be no election until Bottler’s dragged kicking and screaming to the ballot box when his time runs out.

ROLL ON MAY 2010!!

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No, we do not need to have a snap Election, given the current state of the financial world it would be irresponsible, and leave the Country in limbo as Parliament would shutdown for the three weeks of the election process

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No, he won’t risk having the shortest term as PM since the 1920s, I think he’s rather suffer the worst electoral defeat since the 1820s. Then at least, in that uniquely British, twisted yet humorous, hypocritical yet charitable way, we might buy his memoirs.

Well, in paperback…

In the Oxfam shop.

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Election or not – the sooner he goes the better. And good riddance!

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