Stricter scoring?

December 15, 2008

BBC TV’s “Strictly Come Dancing” hit newspaper headlines on Monday after three couples were voted into the finals following Saturday’s semi-final.

Four judges on the popular programme awarded the same points to Rachel Stevens and Lisa Snowdon, meaning the other semi-finalist Tom Chambers could not be saved from a dance-off whatever the outcome of a public vote.

The producers of the programme are examining how they can avoid the situation happening again, according to a BBC spokesman.

How do you think the situation should be resolved?


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A fairer system would be to accord exact percentages to the celebrities’ share of the popular vote. Also it is fairer that in the case of a tied position in the judges’ vote they should be accorded an average score (e.g. 2.5) rather than both getting the higher score (e.g. 3).
Problem solved.

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The audience should have a “casting vote”. In case of a judges tie as this last weekend (3-3-1), the audience 1-2-3 vote should really be worth effectively 1-2-3.5 (i.e. the highest scoring couple provided they don’t end up last in aggregate, go through). This would lead to the situation where one of the judges favourites drops out, but it IS the audience this whole circus is for. Or is it not? One never knows this series…

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The situation can be resolved by putting it into its proper perspective. The programme is ENTERTAINMENT for the viewers who have paid their licence fee to see it. It is not some kind of ego trip for producers, presenters, judges or professional dancers. He (or she) who pays the piper calls the tune. So the viewers’ votes are those that count. End of story.

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is this show for fun or a real contest? if it is a real contest the judges should be professional and their decision should count most. if it is for entertainment only, then the public vote should count for more. they should pick a trail.

tempest in a teapot?

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