Has Brown lost the Spring in his step?

January 29, 2009

Is the Labour Party going to regret not hosting a Spring Party Conference this year?

Yes, it is going to save them a lot of cash, and Prime Minister Gordon Brown has enough to worry about ahead of the G20 financial crisis summit in Britain in April.

But as Britain braces for a nightmare year for the economy, public support for Brown and his Labour Party is starting to slip.

Polls are indicating once again that the Conservatives are looking like red hot favourites to win the next election due by May 2010.

A weekend get together at the start of the year would have given Brown the chance to rally the Labour troops and reassure them about the tough road — and inevitable difficult election — ahead.

Instead, the party will have to wait until September for that morale-boosting pep talk.

Will it be too late for Labour by then?


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The British people would be mad to vote for the Conservatives. This party has no clear or stated economic policy,has talked down its own soverign currency and suggested that the UK is going to hell in a handcart without giving either a clear analysis or suggesting a remedy.

Posted by Peter Jones | Report as abusive

People in Britain will never be able to trust a Labour Party again. They have failed on too many issues too many times.

Posted by Tim Worlock | Report as abusive

When are people going to realise that UK is in a worst state than any other developed country because of Brown,s policies over the lasr ten years.

He has no monetry policy now and his only answer is to borrow more and more. Perhaps when taxes are increased and public spending slashed to repay these massive loans the people who still support Brown will understand the man is a total incompetent.

Posted by Keith Anderson | Report as abusive

They are right to save the money. They will need a bit of cash to ease the effect of being “laid off” in May next year.

Posted by Peter | Report as abusive

Party conferences are all about a bit of jolly old back slapping and mutual self-congratulation. So why have a conference when all you’re going to get is abuse?

As for the pep talk, it’s already too late for Brown to talk his way out of the mess he’s created.

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

Does our Dear Leader Gordon really think throwing money at any and every lame duck will solve the problem?

Does he think running around trotting out new initiatives on a daily basis is a substitute for policy? We’re not being governed, we’re being managed, and the chickens will surely come home to roost.

Labour chides the Conservatives as the “do nothing party”, but perhaps forgets the opposite of the axiom “don’t just sit there, do something”. It may be trite, and not altogether correct, but there is an argument for “don’t just do something, sit there”.

Some of Labour’s largesse may well work, but much will not. Instead of spendthrift government, how about some joined up thinking.

Why would Labour expect us to beleive that the same behaviour pattern that brought us this mess, will help solve it?

The only difference now is Mandy, and if he’s part of the answer, we need to re-examine the question.

Posted by Stephen Deen | Report as abusive