Jam tomorrow – will you buy Marks and Spencer’s new sandwich?

February 25, 2009

As fans of Alice in Wonderland will know, it’s jam every other day — jam yesterday or jam tomorrow but never jam today. “All very confusing,” says Alice.

On Thursday, Marks and Spencer might make some of their customers wonder for a moment whether they too have walked into fantasy land. For February 26th is the day it introduces to its shelves a new product: the strawberry jam sandwich.

Basic or what?

For 75 pence you get, as you might expect, two slices of buttered white bread and a filling of strawberry jam. “For those who haven’t eaten one for years, one bite takes you straight back to your childhood,” says Marks.

The jam sandwich, it rhapsodises, is “one of the greatest simple pleasures of life” that will delight harried and nostalgic office workers.

Will it? — after all the weird and wonderful fillings we’ve got used to in the High Street over the past few years? Surely anyone could make a jam sarnie in a few seconds flat, and they’re not exactly nutritious.

On the other hand, in these recessionary times this could be the food of the hour.

Do you think the sandwiches will sell?


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I’d buy one for Sure!

Posted by Julian Galea Naudi | Report as abusive


most of teh musems seem to sell them ! Jam Sandwiches teh perfect lunch for fussy toddlers. I have two one a human garbage disposal the other annoyingly fussy, Jam sandwiches make a good fall back when you out and about. Although probably have about teh same nutritienal contents as a burger and chips ! Well done Marks.

Posted by Paul | Report as abusive

I had a (home-made) strawberry jam sarnie for my lunch today – delicious! Far nicer than all the pretentious ‘gourmet’ fillings all these shops tend to fill their sarnies with these days… :o)

Posted by Julia | Report as abusive

The Marks’ marketers aren’t stupid. They know very well that the jam sandwiches will be bought in addition to, not instead of, their usual offerings. Who could resist buying their normal sandwich without a jam sandwich for “afters”?

Posted by Jason | Report as abusive

I am not holding my breath.

Posted by Peter Schwarz | Report as abusive

Most interesting. If you have a peek at my website you’ll see that it was in fact myself who spawned the idea of the jam sandwich with Marks and Spencer back in 2004. My wife Gloria and i, i’m her husband, are eagerly awaiting some of our other ideas to be taken onboard and for our first royality cheque from the afore mentioned to arrive.

Posted by John J Marley | Report as abusive

Looks like Mr Marley my be onto something.I would like to congratulate him in spuring M&S on to get this product on the shelves as the old jam sandwich is one of my firm favourites. Having looked at his website i would be surprised, to say the least, if Marks embarked on The Brown Sauce sandwich or indeed the brown sugar Demerara Delight, to quote Mr Marley

Posted by Hugh McMichael | Report as abusive

At Charring cross station somebody is giving away free bread, butter and jam…

Posted by Lady Luce | Report as abusive

Just a typical move by M&S to boost profits. 75pence for a Jam sandwich? In my experience of M&S food, if it is a success (doubtful)the price will rise accordingly.
Whay next? Spam snadwiches?

Posted by john | Report as abusive