Another one goes as “The Apprentice” candidates fail to clean up

April 16, 2009

Cheerio Paula Jones! You may have had nice hair, but you were rubbish at counting.

It has to be said, however, that once again Sir Alan Sugar fired the wrong candidate in last night’s episode of “The Apprentice”. Charged with setting up their own cosmetics business, the two teams had to make and sell their own beauty products using all natural ingredients.

Paula’s team, Empire, came up with by far the better product. Choosing seaweed as the main ingredient, they put together an attractive soap and shower gel range that even Sir Alan acknowledged looked the business.

Unfortunately, they made a costly error when selecting an essential oil for their beauty brew, confusing sandalwood (which is very, very expensive) with cedarwood (which is not). Under the impression that they had spent practically nothing, the moment Sir Alan’s aide Nick Hewer broke the bad news and their jaws hit the floor was the best moment of this series so far.

Empire had blown their budget and no amount of ineptitude from the opposing team, Ignite, could save them, though Team leader Nurool certainly gave it his best shot. The former chemistry teacher should have been good at this challenge, but he has to go down as one of the worst project managers ever. Ignite’s honey-based soap was a gloopy mess and Nurool was practically invisible.

Had Empire not made their costing error, they would have strolled to victory. As it turned out, they ended up making a loss and were left to reflect on what might of been in loser’s cafe.

Paula understandably chose Ben and Yasmina, the two candidates she had put in charge of finances, to accompany her back into the boardroom for the showdown with Sir Alan. Before long, the two turned on their team leader and, rather unfairly, it was Paula who got the chop. It should have been Ben, who took credit for other people’s efforts and boasted “I did outstandingly well on sales… and I’ve got a scholarship to Sandhurst.” Priceless.

The wrong team won and you could feel Sir Alan’s disappointment at not getting the chance to fire Nurool. Something tells us he won’t have to wait long.

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