Grade struggling to find time for Susan Boyle

April 30, 2009

ITV executive chairman Michael Grade said he had only seen once before Thursday the clip of Susan Boyle singing on ITV show “Britain’s Got Talent“, that has received more than 100 million hits on YouTube, but has not yet netted the broadcaster revenue from the video-sharing site owned by Google.

“I’ve been incredibly busy over the last few weeks and I have only had one opportunity to view a piece of television that’s taken the world by storm,” he told the Voice of the Listener & Viewer Spring Conference in London.

“I’d like to have another look at Susan Boyle,” he said, before playing the video.

ITV is reported to be in discussions with YouTube about monetising traffic
generated by demand for the 47-year old Scottish church volunteer.

Grade, who last week announced he would step down as executive chairman of ITV, is reported to loathe YouTube, and has called it a parasite living off content created by broadcasters.


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He might be right about Utube in most cases, but America loves Susan Boyle.

Posted by deborah | Report as abusive

Why are people worrying about themselves? Susan needs to be given intelligent, sensitive management and then ITV, YouTube and others can do reasonable deals that don’t take advantage of her. Why hasn’t that happened yet? That’s ITV’s fault. People like Barrymore need to be punished professionally. The whole British media will be judged by us in the rest of the world (I’m in Sydney) if you exploit her.

Posted by Terry McGee | Report as abusive

Susan will be fine, she is a very intelligent woman! Keep thinking positive thoughts fans. Susan’s dreams will come true, she has a great following already; now we will just have to wait for her dreams to blossom.

Posted by Debi | Report as abusive

Susan Boyle is one fantastic woman who has provided my heart with a needed boost. Seeing her, watching her, admiring her beautiful voice, her incredible inner beauty, makes a person feel so good. Thank you!

Mr. Grade’s company got countless $$$ worth of free publicity by hundreds of millions of views of those Youtube clips. Before Ms. Boyle and Youtube, none of us in the US had ever heard of these tv programs or anyone involved except Simon Cowell. And, many of us do not normally watch this kind of program. I feel that he has the more parasitic attitude. If anyone deserves to profit, it is Ms. Boyle, who brought all this to the others.

Posted by Joly | Report as abusive