Is Susan Boyle a dead cert for Saturday?

May 27, 2009

She’s odds-on favourite to win Saturday’s final of “Britain’s Got Talent,” she’s become an overnight international star and now she’s started out on the trail to tabloid sainthood by acquiring her own headline moniker “SuBo.”

But not everyone thinks Susan Boyle is a dead cert for the title. Singer Lily Allen for one thinks she’s over-rated. “I thought her timing was off, no control, and I don’t think she has an amazing voice,” Allen said of Boyle’s rendition on Sunday of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Memory” from the Cats musical.

Maybe there’s a touch of over-exposure creeping in. Could the fable of the unlikely lass dragged away from West Lothian and thrust via the Internet into the world spotlight be starting to wear a little thin?

The competition is hot too. Dance acts Diversity and Flawless, singers Shaun Smith and Shaheen Jafargholi and even the Greek father and son combo Stavros Flatley have proved mighty popular with the phone-in viewers who have the ultimate say.

Do you think Boyle is going to win?


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I didn’t see her first performance, but saw her sing a couple of nights ago and didn’t think she was so more talented than all the others who have equally come from obscurity – enjoyed Stavros and son the most so far for the pure joy and fun they brought to their performance. Surprisingly entertaining show overall to watch.

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Difficult to know whether she’ll swing it.

The producers will be torn between pandering to the mob who want Boyle or pandering to their PC bosses and politicians who want Diversity or another coloured act.

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I entirely agree with Lily.

This time next year Boyle will totaly regret getting involved in Cowel’s sadistic entertainment.

Lily is also spot on when she refers to the treatment of the younger performers on the show as child abuse. Does it not bother Cowel how the previous winner (dancer) has been hounded out of his school because of jealousy/bullying.

Lily is also spot on regarding Cheryl Cole.

Vote for Lily who says it as it is and is not scared to tell the truth. I’d prefer Lily than to Esther R.

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Lily is jealous as Susan has a much better voice! And as far as the “child abuse”, these kids need to learn that you don’t always win, sometimes you lose. Get with the real world.

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Its very hard to say how people will vote, couple weeks ago we were stunned to watch Adam Lambert (American Idol) taking second place to a very sweet but not as talented singer. After the show had ended I went back to ITunes and played both Adam and Kris songs and the quality of voice cannot be compared. Cleary Adam is a true artist. So in my opinion it depends on the mood of the performance and the mental state of the voter on that particular night. As for Simon even thought I think someone needs to slap him hard, he is correct in most of his assumptions of talent.

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Susan Boyle vs. Beyonce FUNNY qs

Posted by Toby Cameron | Report as abusive

After the last performance of Susan Boyle,I am wondering if viewers and audience are tone deaf.There are a lot more acts much better than her how she got into the final is beyond me.If she wins there is something wrong somewhere.

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Having gone to You Tube and listened to Lily Allen (hitherto unknown) I don’t feel she is in any position to judge Susan Boyle. I come from a musical background and find Susan Boyle’s voice far more pleasing to the ear than Allen’s. At no time during Susan’s semi final performance was she out of step with the accompaniment. In the end, it will come down to the public vote, and Susan is still odds on favourite as far as I can see. She certainly has my vote.

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I liked Susan’s 1st performance for all the same reasons as everyone else. But even it had a few ‘cracks’ in it if you listen carefully. Her 2nd performance from ‘Cats’ was even dicerer. She is undoubtable a good singer but not a great singer. I think her fame comes more from her Cinderalla to fame story than anything else. I think she’s had her ’15 minutes of fame’ and will now slowly fade away now. She’s given a lot of people hope in their own lives and for that we’re all grateful. Bob in Canada.

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I’d like to hear how Lily would do, live, under that much pressure, and to probably the biggest audience of all time. The woman was petrified!
I’ll listen to what the experts have to say about Susan’s voice, not Lily, who obviously needs publicity badly.
BTW, I’m an American, and never heard of Lily.

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Susan was under enormous pressure for that second performance. That would not stop me from buying her CD. She has an absolutely amazing voice. I had never heard of Lily Allen before. Ironic that she actually is getting some exposure that she never would have otherwise for ranting against Susan. I listened to Lily’s “Fear” on youtube, and I really think this is more of a generational issue. I cannot stand the style of music that Lily sings – the breathy, little girl singing style irritates me to no end. Lily’s generation will see it from their perspective. Maybe she does not realize that there are more styles and more markets available than hers. I know I would NEVER buy a Lily CD but can’t wait to buy Susan’s. To each his own.

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I love the critics. It seems that only the intelligent, classy, mature, and humble seem to appreciate Susan. the world is tired of fake, selfish, plastic surgerized celebrities who can’t count all their money and are always in crisis. BGT is for amateurs with a dream. Susan is not “YET” a professional and we can’t expect her to perform like one. Just imagine how she’ll sound in a studio without all the pressure. Even if she loses BGT she’s on her way to the top. The world is impatiently waiting for her. Win this thing susan and put all the naysayers to rest. You don’t need them.

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Shame Lilly said that. She makes the sort of good looking pop rubbish that I would otherwise have no problem with.
Live performance, solo to boot, and under that much pressure.. Susan clearly has everything but the sex appeal. Maybe Lilly is confidently aware of this?

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[…] Reuters: “SuBo” is the favorite to win, but it’s not a slam dunk. Tags Kelly-Clarkson […]

Posted by KELLY CLARKSON IS A BOYLE FAN – Faded Youth Blog | Report as abusive

Susan’s voice was not out of sink of the music. yes, she had a wobble right at the beginning..but like a professional she recovered quickly and got better and better as she sang. She gave me goosebumps with the ending. Those notes at the end “from Touch me” and on are very hard to hit. She did it with no problem at all.
I would like to remind Lily Allen (sorry don’t know who she is had to look her up) that it was the US media that caused her to be an international star.

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I think Susan has a great shot at winning. Her timing was NOT off, and she did very well correcting herself after being off on the very first note. And correcting herself is something I’ve seen name professional singers do. And that just came down to nerves and it turned into no big deal. She nailed the rest of that perfomance. Well done Susan!

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Susan has a lovely singing voice. As for the contest
What will be -will be. Good luck Susan

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I think the fact that Susan was a little shaky at first only endeared her to us. There is no doubt she can sing but we saw her nerves but also saw her visibly pull herself together to continue and produce what I thought was another great performance. Could we do any better standing in front of a huge audience and knowing the world was watching? Of course she was nervous! But here is this woman probably shaking in her shoes but has the guts to centre herself, keep going and ultimately do a bang up job! Well done Lady Susan. Only wish I could be there to see you win and I would buy any CD you put out there. You ae an inspiration to follow your dream no matter what anyone else says – and your are definitely worthwhile to millions!

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It’s the emperor’s new clothes. Everyone keeps saying she a phenomenon but she’s just an average singer with some very powerful people behind her. Far more talented people than her are in the final.

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Have to be pretty daff to expect anyone else beside SuBo to win. Even an objective opinion about her performances are shouted down by her fans if it isn’t positive. And her fans don’t mind spending the money to vote. Susan has a great personality and (with the right songs) singer. Can’t take that away from her and her first audition made her an international celebrity. One wonders how the competition would have changed if the editing moved her to one of the later BGT audition shows. In any case, it will be an interesting final. Just hope everybody chooses the right song or routine to perform and nails their performance.

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Hello to all from Canada, and to Ms.Boyle: What’s different about Susan’s singing is how she sings the songs, not just her voice quality. The powerful way she sang(Audition video) that she dreamed her life wold be different “from this hell I’m living”, backed up with her body language,etc., is what sets her apart. Simon Cowell made an interesting comment lately that he actually see great talent in technicolor and all the others appear in black and white. Susan Boyle for him and millions of us is in technicolor. Jake

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[…] Reuters: “SuBo” is the favorite to win, but it’s not a slam dunk. <a […]

Posted by KELLY CLARKSON IS A BOYLE FAN | Celeb Rumors | Report as abusive

Why would anyone even care what Lily thinks of Susan?
It really takes a low life to criticize someone, but then again, consider the source.
Now I hope to hear what real singers think of Lily.

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I love Susan’s voice.
Hope she chooses for her next song from Sunset Boulevard, ‘As if we never said goodbye’ that would be incredible!

You go girl!

Long Island NY

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Shaheen is the true talent. Extremely talented, very charismatic and very underated thanks to the Susan Boyle hype. Susan is ok but more hype than musical phenomenom. Lets give the contest its merit, vote for the best not the one hyped the most.

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We love Susan in Australia she has a wonderful voice and I hope she win. I hope she keeps on and doesn’t give up her dreams because of some lowlifes nasty opinions.

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I pray Susan stays and wins the compitition, she is a great singer. The poperazie are horible. And, why do they always say “frumpie”, they didn’t cal Paul Potts frumpy or plain or dull. Just because she isn’t some cutsie little kid or beautiful woman dosn’t mean they need to say things like that to her or anyone else.

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I was awe struck when I heard Susan sing. I think she has a marvelous voice and her stage presention was very good. I can tell that she has been singing for many years and she was very confident and comfortable on the stage. I hope she does win and I also hope that it isn’t too much for her to handle. Good luck to you Susan and God Bless you too.

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