Eye-to-eye with Simon de Glanville’s pigeons

June 12, 2009

Pigeons create controversy among city dwellers whether they are being pilloried as “rats with wings” or celebrated as endlessly feedable feathered friends.

Through photographer Simon de Glanville‘s pictures, viewers come eye-to-eye with the creatures.

Over the past 10 years, De Glanville has taken pictures of pigeons, squirrels and dogs for a project entitled “London Wildlife”. His favourite locations for photographing urban wildlife include London’s Peckham, Brixton and Chinatown neighbourhoods.

What is your opinion of pigeons? Do these pictures change your perspective on pigeons?


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I’ve previously thought of pigeons merely as pests but these photographs actually make them look a bit menacing. I think it’s something about the eyes.

Posted by Mark Jones | Report as abusive

they seem behaving more independent, purposeful and daring than i ve thought… that is the change, evolved in my mind not because pigeons but the photo…

Posted by jengis kojak | Report as abusive

Pigeons are greedy and dirty birds. People who feed them in cities are encouraging the spread of disease.

Posted by Jennifer Sowerby | Report as abusive

I still think they’re ugly birds – and agree with Mark – they actually look scary in those photos! I’m intrigued to read de Glanville takes his pigenon pics — among other places — in my home turf of Brixton – have rather big ones frequently sitting on large tree in our garden – happy to rent them out for a small fee to interested photographers.

Posted by astridz | Report as abusive

I adore pigeons, absolutely adore them.
I wish I could feed them, but I don’t think it’s allowed in my area, damn shame. Love the photos! <3

Posted by Becky | Report as abusive

These photos are unreal. Excellent photography!

Posted by skwash | Report as abusive


nice photos pigeons .

Posted by abdelhadi elyamany | Report as abusive

Very difficult to judge ,whether these pigeons are real birds or artist trick.
I like these birds.
All Natural lovers will like these photos.
Good work was done by this photographer.

Posted by krishnamurthi ramachandran | Report as abusive

Ugly Birds? I don’t think any bird or beast is ugly. How many would not love sloths after encountering Sid in Ice Age? I am sure none would harm a rat after watching “Ratatoulie” All animals and birds have a right to live (and I am not from the SPCA)
By the way love this pics.

Posted by Joe Zach | Report as abusive