Is the Queen worth 69p a year?

June 29, 2009

“Don’t give the Queen any more of our money, Republic, the campaign for an elected head of state, pleads in a statement on its website.

Royal expenditures rose 1.5 percent to 41.5 million pounds in the last financial year, after allowing for inflation.

Buckingham Palace says this is good value – equivalent to just 69 pence per person in Britain.

Republic says: “With that sort of accounting you can justify pretty much anything.”

What do you think, is the Queen worth 69p a year?


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To people who know the price of everything and the value of nothing, please add your comment.

Posted by libra | Report as abusive

Am disappointed with the way Reuters poses the question. You could have asked whether or not the queen was worth 0ver 40 million pounds of tax payers money. Most people, I suspect, would say no. However, you attemp to trivialise the finance by wording it so. You know as well as I that a certain percentage of the UK public would see the 69pence reference and then blindly agree.

Posted by Rob Atkinson | Report as abusive

The amount of business that is generated by the royals is unbelievable.I would glad give 5 pound a year.

Posted by shintekk | Report as abusive

No, she isn’t worth it. I want all of my 69p’s to be refunded! There is also a proposal to build a giant crown, at great public expense, on the roof of Westminster Abbey. I propose that we should, instead, build a large guillotine on the abbey roof. This could extend downwards, into the building, towards the dais where monarchs are crowned.Vive la Republique!

Posted by Geoff Lister | Report as abusive

I think it is high time we started to execute people for treason again! The Queen is excellent value for money. I am delighted at the manner in which she promotes UK plc far and wide. You may have reservations regarding how she came to rule over us, but I tell you one thing, I’d far rather have Her Majesty than plastic twerps like Blair or Brown being Head of State. Just what have they done for UK plc over their tenure of Downing Street – handed us just about on a plate to that hateful bureaucratic wasteland called the EU!!

Posted by Larry | Report as abusive

Yes she is.The figures can be twisted any which way by the relevant interest groups. According to the linked article, the Crown Estate pays £211 million pa to the government and the cost of the monarchy is £45 million. Take one figure from t’other and the government makes a profit of £166 million pa. that’s the way I read it. Can anyone else say differently.It’s a pity that Reuters can’t give a bit more depth and balance to its reporting.

Posted by Peter | Report as abusive

I believe tradition based on heritary titles is anachronistic and tugs Britain back from fully embracing the world in the 21st century. The Queen is the ultimate personification of this and is should not be getting any of our taxes. The Windsors should be normal taxpayers like the rest of us.No other G7 country hankers back to its imperial past, why do we?There are millions of mothers and families in the UK who, if selected at random, would be more representative of us as a modern 21st century democracy than the Windsors, so why should they continue to have special privilege?

Posted by mark | Report as abusive

If they were free they wouldn’t be worth the memory and relic of tyranny that they represent. There is no evidence that they bring in any tourism at all – two Spanish tourists were even recently arrested for taking photos of Buckingham Palace wall, that’s bound to encourage tourists. If you were going to Norway, Denmark, Sweden or wherever would you be visiting due to their monarchy? Didn’t think so, so why do you think anyone comes here for ours? IF they did they’d probably be sadly disappointed as where are they on display anyway? If the palaces, houses and art collection which we own were all opened up to the public think how much more people would come to see all that. France is the top tourist destination, learn from that.Industry? Prince Andrew has silenced the findings of a report he commissioned himself into his effectivness as Trade and Industry ambassador, draw the inevitable conclusion from that.No if they were free they’d not be worth it, but costing what they do, routinely chartering flights round Britain at tens of thousands a pop, just seeing how much they can get at every avenue and then asking for more, no that is a revolting obscenity, insulting and plundering from every person in this country. Don’t let the parasites around them fool you, monarchy is totally and utterly wrong on every level, it is indefensible.

Posted by Marjory | Report as abusive

Yet again the Tourism and Crown Estate myths get trotted out.Tourism: no evidence for it at all. Do we live in a Democracy or a Theme Park? And if the role of Head of State is to attract Tourism then Mickey Mouse should be President of the USA.Crown Estate: This hasn’t been the property of a Monarch since George III. The Queen has not surrendered anything to the Treasury – it was never hers to begin with. And there is no reason to assume the estate would not remain the property of the State should we replace this feudal anacrhonism with a Democratically Elected Head of State.

Posted by Phil Thompson | Report as abusive

Yes, she’s worth every penny and then some, if only to save us from the preening vanity of an elected head of state.God Save The Queen (and us) from some jumped-up politician pretending to have a bit of class.

Posted by Andy | Report as abusive

The last opportunity we had to have a massive bloodthirsty purge of royals (like the French Revolution only more thorough – half the population of the posh parts of Paris claims to be an aristo) was missed at least a couple of centuries ago (after all we’re not complete savages like the Bolsheviks). Now I think we’re stuck with them, but given that they are among the wealthiest people in the world, they should receive no money from us at all. On the contrary, with the taxes they pay, we should be net beneficiaries.

Posted by Matthew | Report as abusive

what is this, the daily mail website or something?? anyway, academic question really as it’s hardly as if we’re asked to pay (or have a choice)… we are taxed and the royals get a peice of it.

Posted by mark | Report as abusive

The Royal Family is just a pampered few supported by a whole army of servants who would be better employed doing a proper job.The monarchy is worthless.

Posted by winistoni | Report as abusive

No other country does pomp and ceremony like England. The Queen can trace her lineage back 900 years. Governments change but the Queen has been a constant for 50 years. The Royal family were a tower of strength during the war years. We will probably be lucky to witness two coronations during our lifetimes (Charles then William). This is our history, We cannot put a price on that. Our Royal Family are recognised and respected the whole world over. It would be a sad day if the United Kingdom were to become the United Republic. Brittania would lose her identity. Long live the Queen!

Posted by Steve | Report as abusive