Would you exchange your Michael Jackson O2 tickets?

July 6, 2009

More than 50 million pounds worth of tickets were sold to see Michael Jackson perform at London’s O2 Arena where he was scheduled for a series of 50 concerts before his death.

The King of Pop’s run at the O2, scheduled to kick off in July, would have been the highest-grossing single concert engagement.

Fans have the choice of returning their ticket, or receiving it as a souvenir instead of getting a refund up until August 14. The tickets, which at face value cost 50 to 75 pounds, will show the concert date and seat location of the ticket as originally purchased.

If you had bought a ticket to see him perform, would you exchange it for face value, or would you hold onto it and hope to strike it rich by selling it as a collectors’ item in years to come?


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Get a refund or get the ticket as a souvenir? A souvenir of what? The show that never was? I’ve heard of some scams but this just about takes the biscuit. I’ll be getting a refund.

Posted by Andy T | Report as abusive

I would hang on to them, whatever people say these tickets will become collectors items.

Posted by Daisy | Report as abusive

LMAO be for real I Michael Jackson and all but I don’t idolize nobody that much. If I paid money for a concert ticket and didn’t get a show I want my money back like any SANE person would. You paid for a concert that never happened. I mean don’t get me wrong it’s terrible what happened to him it really is but as a consumer in the world today I paid for a concert I want a concert and I want the person I shelled out dough to see if I don’t get that I want my money back.

Posted by Latasha | Report as abusive

AEG in my opinion is a surreal operator. They have hit upon more ways to milk Jackson’s death than seemed possible. This ticket scam is as brilliant as it is shameless.

Posted by Julia T | Report as abusive

I would probably keep the ticket JUST BECAUSE! But I was not able to get tix when they went on sale so I am neither getting a refund nor a souvenir tix.

Posted by k | Report as abusive

I’d want a return of my $125 per ticket or whatever the cost was to me for any and all tickets purchased. In another few months we’ll be seeing Michael Jackson merchandise going on e-Bay for a small fraction of what people are paying now. We’re not talking someone of mythological proportions here, such as Elvis.

Posted by Mike H. | Report as abusive

Maybe if it was a £20 ticket, you would just keep the ticket. But I think £50-£70 is a bit mental for just a souvenir ticket for a concert that never was.

Clearly if you went to the concert you would have the ticket anyway so although the principal is ok, NOT at full cost just for a ticket.

Although no doubt there will be a lot of people who do keep the ticket, cause this is London where, even in recession, people have more money than sense or time to spend it wisely!

Posted by Grant | Report as abusive

These tickets will become valuable even at 50 Pounds, just look how much Elvis tickets are being sold for on Ebay.

Posted by Lois Hill | Report as abusive

I have already requested my refund and am donating it to one or more charities that Michael Jackson supported during his life. Personally, I cannot think of a better way to show my appreciation for a man who was so influential not only in music but in philanthropy.

There are several websites and facebook groups calling for this including the Man in the Mirror Project (www.maninthemirrorproject.org).   Hopefully other ticket holders will follow suit.

Posted by Donating My Refund to Charity | Report as abusive

I see people calling it a scam and a way to make money, but at the end of the day, a true fan, a real fan, a person that really cares won’t really care about the money.

After he died i people were asking me, what about the tickets? Do you get your money back? I don’t care about the money, i care that the person i waited 13 years to see perform live has died.

And i will definately be framing my ticket for the wall and passing it on providing i get my children into Michael Jackson!

Posted by MIchael C | Report as abusive

I like the idea someone posted of getting the refund for the ticket & giving to one of Michael’s charities. However, if I had a ticket I’d hang on to it forever!

Posted by Glenn | Report as abusive

I asked for a refund(and i got my money back quickly)because i think a ticket has value only if you were at the Concert.In this case these concerts never happened. And if i had the option to keep the ticket for a lower price (20 pounds for example)maybe i would keep it.I don’t need this ticket to remember Michael Jackson.All my life i am listening to his music and this souvenir ticket won’t replace the fact that i never saw him perfoming live.

Posted by Yannis | Report as abusive

I have been a massive Michael Jackson fan for 30 years! I was so overwhelmed with excitement at finally getting to see my idol live, and just completely heartbroken that it will never happen now. I chose to keep my tickets and will never part with them because its a memento of the greatest artist that ever lived! Miss and love you MJ!

Posted by LisaAT | Report as abusive

I have been one of Michael Jackson’s number one fans since i can remember. My dream was to see him and knowing that i was so close in having my dream come true has broken my heart. I have kept my ticket in a frame on my wall and will never let it go.
Michael was and still is in a league of his own, a true legend.
I believe that no one will come close as to how much of an inspiration he has been, and his love and kindness has made many dreams come true.

I love you Michael

Posted by katrinamj | Report as abusive