How should money saved at the BBC be spent?

July 14, 2009

As part of its efforts to counter the bite of the economic downturn, the BBC is suspending bonuses and reviewing the pay scales of its executives. It is also set to reduce the amount it spends on talent.

The BBC is making the cuts in reaction to its dominant role during the recession compared with its struggling competitors, as well as to its own financial challenges, Michael Lyons, the head of the BBC Trust, said.

“There has been considerable disquiet in recent weeks about the salaries of top BBC staff,” Lyons said.

The BBC announced this week that Worldwide revenues are in excess of 1 billion pounds, but that profits before interest, tax and exceptional charges were down to 86 million pounds from 118 million the previous year.

Now that savings have been made, where should that money be spent? The BBC says it needs to pay decent salaries to attract best talent, but do you agree? Should the licence fee be lowered?


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The BBC should start making those high quality documentaries again, they used to make them in the good old days when money was no problem.

Posted by Nikkei 225 | Report as abusive

I thought the idea of saving money was to NOT spend it?

Posted by Paul Harper | Report as abusive

The licence fee is too high. How ludicrous that it is less expensive for a black and white TV than a colour one. It’s very much a totalitarian tax. Why should they have the right? Telly should be free.

Posted by Robert Cross | Report as abusive

They should give it to the troops in Afghanistan.

Posted by Janet | Report as abusive

No reason why the BBC, and the rest of the civil service for that matter should not have a top limit on salaries of say £150k per year. Expenses confined to travel hotel and sustenance only. After all they only spend other peoples money.

Posted by AnthonyP | Report as abusive

The BBC makes some good programs, but could probably get away with doing as much with less money.

Posted by Arnold Hitchens | Report as abusive