Where would you cut public spending?

July 20, 2009

Vows by Labour and the Conservatives to protect the NHS from spending cuts will require tax hikes or cuts to other areas, a new report shows.

Promises to “ring-fence” health spending in the lead-up to the next election — to be held before June — might lead to cuts of about 8 percent in other departments over the next six years, say researchers at the King’s Fund and the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Alternatively, sizeable tax hikes could be in store as the next government tries to tackle the largest public deficit since the Second World War.

The deficit, forecast to rise to 175 billion pounds this year, has put public spending at the forefront of political debate.

In its equation, researchers posit that the government would have to raise the equivalent of 340 pounds for each family in the country if it were to restrict spending cuts to other departments to 2 percent, while freezing the NHS budget.

Despite being in the midst of a deep recession, the two main political parties have said they will “ring-fence” most spending.

Does this make sense in the current economic climate? From which departmental budget would you cut public spending?


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Spending cuts should be made on all the PC schemes that this government created since it came to power. Keep funding all the front line departments, and increase funding to the Ministry of Defence – we are a maritime nation so we need to keep the Royal navy up to date and strong ( most of our imports e.g.food) come by sea. And the Army and RAF need increases too. Don’t let the defence of this country become 2nd class and 3rd world.

Posted by Colin Lee | Report as abusive

Cuts in public spending is a sure fire way of making recessions worse as when it is over replacing the public projects cost millions more.

The Bank of England has access to the highly skilled currency traders who because of their incredibly pressured occupations have a 3 year effective cycle and then burn out.

These dealers are quite able to make millions of currency in a day.

All Gordon Brown has to do is hire these top flight men & women in a secure and highly managed environment and within a few months our exchequer coffers will be brimming with cash.

Simple straightforward hire the best and collect the rest.

I trade options and currencies in my spare time and make simple trades and make enough to live on imagine if government experts able to access huge sums of taxpayer tranches what they could achieve.

Try it yourself only cover your bets carefully record every transaction carefully and do your own research.

Trust no one to look after your tail if things go wrong.

Posted by George Brown | Report as abusive

NHS safe in tory hands, where have i heard that before? years of underfunding when they were in power meant a laboyr government had to pour in billions to make up for their cuts…I remember the eighties, i’m all right jack attitude..under thatcher and her cronies…

Posted by rocky | Report as abusive

Cut back on politicians salarys and expenses. that should be good for a few hundred mill

Posted by Geoff | Report as abusive