Was Norwich North just a local protest vote?

July 24, 2009

At 27, the Conservative candidate in the Norwich North by-election Chloe Smith becomes the youngest MP in the Commons.

She turned Labour’s 5,000-plus majority in the seat into a 7,348-vote winning margin and keeps the Conservative bandwagon rolling. The election had been forced by the resignation of Labour MP Ian Gibson, who claimed almost 80,000 pounds in second home expenses on a London flat which he later sold at a knock-down price to his daughter.

What do you make of the result? Was this a clear message to Labour about its policies and its leader Gordon Brown or a protest against the ruling party in the wake of the MPs’ expenses scandal?


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Well let’s see. 45.8% voter turnout, 39.5% of votes cast in their favour, the Tories win a seat with just 18.1% of the electorate voting for them. Less a stunning victory for the Conservatives, more a stunning victory for people who wouldn’t trust their MP as far as they could throw them!

Posted by Paul Harper | Report as abusive

It took the expences scandle to wake the british public up to what a shambles of a goverment we have got.We have the leadership,that makes fred carno circus look almost good by comparison

Posted by Tim Crellin | Report as abusive

It was a great result for the Conservative party and a well deserved kick in the teeth for NuLabour. However, I shall not be voting for any party which does not put the more contentious subjects absolutely top of the agenda: immigration and EU membership are for most people amongst the most important right now, alongside handling the financial crisis. The main parties keep on ignoring what we in UK really want to discuss and have resolved: it is so insulting that our politicians are such innate cowards!! Do we really have to take to the streets to make them listen? How unsophisticated…

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