March highlights BNP controversy

August 17, 2009

I went to the anti-fascist protest against the far-right British National Party’s annual summer “festival” on Saturday fearing trouble.

Tensions between anti-fascist and far-right groups were running high after street fights in Birmingham the previous weekend between football-linked groups protesting against Islamic fundamentalism and young Asian men.

But the atmosphere as hundreds of demonstrators from across Britain descended on the village Codnor in Derbyshire seemed more one of cheerful determination to celebrate and protect multi-cultural Britain than a belligerent mob set on fist-fighting in fields.

The police had clearly prepared for the worst, enacting public order legislation to stop protesters getting too close to the controvertial campers in nearby fields and putting 500 officers on the ground to enforce it.

The media too had turned out in force, with dozens of photographers and TV cameras buzzing around the crowd which waspenned into the tiny Derbyshire village square before the official march started.

It seemed to me that the assembled variety of ages, races and religions perfectly reflected what is great about modern life in British cities.

But many of the uniformly white local residents stood watching from the other side of the main street were unimpressed by the annual invasion.

Veggie pasties and soya-milk cups of tea helped keep the swelling crowd and lingering journalists in good spirits for a few hours of speeches by anyone brave enough to take the open mic, while the police got to put their crowd control practice into action when a few demonstrators made half-hearted early breakout attempts.

And then we were off, down the country road towards the BNP camp, with the media leading the march, their cameras poised to snap any trouble and the placard-thrusting marchers.

Police were everywhere — on foot, in vans, on horses and in a helicopter — while a bizarre radio-controlled flying camera drone buzzed a few metres above the demonstrators’ heads.

Residents looked on with a mixture of bewilderment and resentment over having their quiet existence shattered by hundreds of chanting, flag-waving visitors but the march passed without incident until we got to the police roadblock outside the camp.

This is where everybody, me included, expected any trouble and a few demonstrators did their best to break through in a few brief surges onto the police line.

Four arrests during the minor scuffles tarnished the march a little but police agreed the protesters were mainly peaceful and cooperative.

The march back was more eventful, as the protesters traded insults with BNP sympathisers trying to get to the campsite, chanting “Follow your leader, shoot yourself like Hitler” to one would-be festival goer.

In true British tradition, many marched straight back to the village pub on the market square to reflect on the day’s events, giving at least one local business reason to be cheerful.


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And this is Reuters! This is a dreadful piece of journalism. First, the BNP is not right wing. Second, the protesters were not flower-waving, tofu-munching hippies. They were part of a sinister, government-backed vigilante group – the UAF – who, as usual, were hell bent on violent confrontation.

A violent attack on the peaceful BNP festival was only prevented by skillful policing.

As for me, I think the multi-cultural experiment has been a disaster. In thirty years we will be an Islamic Republic. I don’t want that for my daughter – so I’m with the BNP to the end.

Posted by Stan Mason | Report as abusive

Go to the BNP website uk and view the RWB photos and crowds.See those proud ex service men wearing their medals.

Then compare them with the UAF rabble who hate Britain.

If Marxism ever wins those UAF nation wreckers would be the first that they would eliminate.

Britain needs the BNP

Posted by george deighton | Report as abusive

“seemed more one of cheerful determination to celebrate and protect multi-cultural Britain…………………………It seemed to me that the assembled variety of ages, races and religions perfectly reflected what is great about modern life in British cities.”

Quite a few people in this country think that there is nothing wrong with British culture and cannot see why they should ‘celebrate’, let alone ‘protect’, any other culture. For those that wish to celebrate and protect other cultures, there are plenty of diverse countries in the world to do so. But they will find that these other countries don’t do ‘multi-culture’ – they celebrate and protect their own cultures, which is what we should be doing – and what those at the BNP event were doing. Why are the British people not allowed to celebrate, and protect, their own culture in their own country? And why are the British people the only ones in the world who are forced to accept other cultures in their country?

As for the assembled crowd reflecting all that is great about modern multi-cultural and multi-racial life in British cities – shame that there were not a few muggings, stabbings or shootings to show the true reality of life in British cities today.

Posted by J Smith | Report as abusive

It sounds like you enjoyed it Daniel. And so you should have, considering that each anti-fascist protester cost the British taxpayer over three hundred pounds for your little day out.

Posted by George | Report as abusive

If the Commonwealth was disbanded, there would be less immigration to the UK. The majority of countries who belong to the Commonwealth are independant sovereign states who owe no allegiance to the Crown. What purpose does it serve?

Posted by Keith Read | Report as abusive

Just to say I totally agree with all the first 5 comments except, perhaps, the Commonwealth issue.
Although we can all see that continued immigration is dragging this country down (no jobs, overloaded NHS, shortages of schools, food shortages forecast, increased problems with drugs, gang shootings, rapes, STD’s and accelerating Islamification, etc,)and cannot be justified, this cannot be stopped until we extract ourselves from the EU. It is because Labour needs their votes to hang on.
The possibility of 70-80 million Muslim Turks soon being free to come here is just one example.

Posted by Malcolm Foster | Report as abusive

I went to the BNP festival and had a great time. Pity it was only the one place in ‘Multi Cultural’ Britain that I actually felt safe.

Posted by Dr Robert Smith | Report as abusive

why dont the UAF ect put as much energy into demonstrating against terrorism, i agree that people can and should protest against things they disagree with but surely extreme islamic groups are more of a threat to this country than the BNP,the BNP want to protect our culture and traditions ect where as terrorists want to destroy our way of life.i for one know who i would rather march against.

Posted by trev | Report as abusive

well daniel in 10 years the way we are going the local pub will be banned as it is in Dubai … so what then ..who will be cheerfull now… so if your happy paying a sadaqa out of your hard earned money for mosques to be built then so be it … but count me out…

Posted by leon | Report as abusive

It is amazing how BNP supporters hunt down any voice of dissent on the web. It is in fact heartening to see that they feel so embattled that they feel the need to try and discredit any voice of opposition to their, as the march illustrated, minority views. The cost of policing was an unfortunate result of the BNP’s persistence in going where they are not wanted. Thanks to the people of Cordon, many of whom were pipping and tooting their horns and waving us on in support. Apparently they’ll be glad to see the back of you …as will we all.

Posted by June4th | Report as abusive

It is amusing indeed to see the comments of the bnp mob.
Thier jamboree is posited as a family fun thing – it isnt.
The bnp use this event to spread thier vile lies and it really should be stopped.

Next year maybe, and you can stuff your free speech as you want to deny it to others.

Posted by mark watson | Report as abusive

What is going on throughout the Western World is a Managed Genocide.

Posted by Adrian Peirson | Report as abusive

I think they now call it astroturfing – in this case leaving as many pro BNP messages as possible on any site which has reported on them to create the appearance that there is a groundswell of support for them. In america there is currently a similar campaign to derail Obama’s health reforms.

I love the way the UAF are being portrayed as thugs and fascists when The Daily Mail, The Guardian and The News of the World have all run stories showing BNP supporters at this ‘festival’ burning golliwogs, throwing sponges at a man in the stocks dressed as Obama, wearing white pride t-shirts and pulling Hitler salutes. And they claim not to be right wing or racist?

Posted by wrathofthemath | Report as abusive