Is Fabio being beastly to the WAGS?

September 11, 2009

SOCCER-WORLD/In keeping with the spirit of the times and with his own stern image, Fabio Capello has clamped down on the WAGS.

The wives and girlfriends, whose exuberance and excess often made for more interesting viewing three years ago in Germany than the games their HABS were involved in, have been banished to the stands.

Capello is going to allow England’s players to see their families only one day a week, after matches, at the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa.

“We’re going to South Africa to play, not for a holiday,” he growls. “If they don’t want to come for the day only, they should stay home.”

To make matters worse, he says the Football Association will not pay for them to go to the tournament, as it did in 2006.

Do you think the WAGS made much difference to England’s lacklustre performance in Germany. Is Capello being a bit harsh on them?


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I think Capello is well within his right to say these things and the stance he takes is one we all feel is right. The media circus that followed us in 2006 surely was detrimental to our team as focus was switched as “to whose wearing what who hates who and who is the hottest”. As capello said it is a tournament and not a holiday!!! And as for paying for themsleves it is about time we had a strong enough manager to lay down the law early and for it to be respected and obeyed.

Time will tell if this is the right decision but my opinion is a positive one and find it encouraging and come march i may let the dreams of a potential world cup win enter my thoughts lol!!

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In relation a part in the above comment ”Time will tell if this is the right decision” regardless how England do in next summers’ finals it is the right decision whatever. These guys are there to represent their nation. Okay they are not solders going of to war. The angle on wife’s & girl friends over the years is a sad reflection on what is so wrong with our culture and our media. We live in a world with excessive craving for everything celebrity and try to imitate them. I say good on Fabio Capello. Here is a boss who is stern, tough and the best we have had since Sir Alf. He represents that solid toughness that only a very good Italian defender would have of the old thought of school of Italian football.

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Great call by Fabio. It gives the players a stark choice: What is more important, playing for England or a few nights with the missus? Anyone who answers the latter should be thanked for their efforts and their retirement from international football accepted without malice or retribution. it is an honour to represent your country at anything, and to do it infront of over 1bn people on TV is even bigger. It involves sacrifices – a few weeks without the other half would be a small price to pay for me, but others may disagree.

Fabio Capello has his own methods and these have produced results. We do not need any players worrying about cramming in time with the better half, or anything that ISN’T football. We as a nation support the England team, we as a nation ARE the England team and there are millions of blokes in this country who would PAY to go and play in South Africa. Not one of the squad will be on less per week than Joe Average gets paid each year. They have the best opportunity to win the World Cup in years and those who would rather play with the other half than with the football have no place in the squad.

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great call. this will create a culture of disipline and help with concentration. we were lacking disipline in previous years. players come in when ever do whatever. now we have a manager who has control of his players and has laid down the rules. this should help with team work organisation and concentration. flair should come from the confidence generated by such hard work.

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My greatest fear is that Fabio Cappelo will not be around forever. Will England ever get another stern coach after he leaves. The English coaches at present really do not have that pressence that this guy has.

Posted by Jag | Report as abusive

the whole wag thing is a distraction imho, england has a good chance of winning the world cup and the circus that comes with england’s wags is worse than the paparazzi on the red carpet.

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I strongly support Fabio. Something has to be done to change the history of underperformance by the squad. The inclusion of WAGS has done nothing to improve results so lets give it a try and have the guys focussing on results.

Posted by Adrian Black | Report as abusive

He should put as much focus on the full backs.

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