How’s the postal service in your area?

October 8, 2009

BRITAIN POST STRIKESAfter weeks of regional disruption, a national postal strike now looms.

The Communication Workers Union accuses managers of bullying and harassment in the drive for modernisation. Managers accuse the workers of being obstructive and bloody-minded.

Meanwhile nimbler competitors, who do not have to provide the one-price-goes-anywhere service, make gains and big clients like the Internet shopping services withdraw their custom.

What’s the postal service like in your area? Do you think the union has a good case for a strike?


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No sympathy at all here I am afraid. The Royal Mail and post Office is an utter joke to be honest – mail can be slow to arrive, even on 1st class but the worst, by far, is the parcel delivery. I ran a small enterprise in end-of-life laptop spares in my spare time and leared the hard way: You want it delivering, it HAS to be signed for. 100% of items sent RM 1st Class Recorded arrived, all within 2 days. Those sent non-recoreded were a pathetic 93%. Ok, some may be people ‘trying it on’, but most were regular business contacts who simply wanted a part from us and it wasn’t worth their while to mess about for £20-£100 anyway.

Most of the Union firebrands seem to forget the fate of the pits 30 years ago. THat was another industry that was forever on strike, refused to modernise and slim-down in the face of new technology and new mediums. Why would anyone wish to stand in a Post Office queue? Those of us who have a choice simply don’t in.

Posted by Adam K | Report as abusive

Public utilities such as energy, water, railways the post office in fact any service on which the public depends for their daily existence should not be simply left to the vagaries of market forces and private enterprise , indeed a good case could be put forward at this time to include banking within the aforementioned criteria.
Sacrificing a small amount of GDP to support a viable and sustainable transport, energy and communications structure is vital to a nations overall prosperity and
continental governments aknowledged this fact decades ago.
Privatization of utility companies does not work and leads only to “cherry picking” of the most profitable sectors of each business entity resulting in a stratified organisation incapable of raising the necessary finance to renew or upgrade infrastructure and therefore provide a satisfactory and reliable overall level of service, unfortunately we all pay for this mistake through higher charges and a general decline in standards.

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The post office is being destroyed by a cynical management intent on earning its bonuses no matter what.
Mail turning up at midday and post office closures are trumpeted as “improvements” and used to justify the millions paid to them.
The underlying problem driving all this is the obsession with creating “free markets” for competitors to cherry pick.
It was a perfectly alright well liked institution before all that started.

Posted by Robbie | Report as abusive

The service has been lousy for years, unless you think that receiving your first post at 11 a.m. is satisfactory. No wonder they abolished the distinction between first and second class – it was to disguise the fact that first class didn’t exist. Why can’t they deliver the post in the early morning like generations of postmen before them?

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i feel that the strike is a good idea, our postmen and women work really hard and are always on the go, some of them work from 6am-6pm and all they get is people moaning and no appriciation! from topcats and citizens! so some parcels are delayed but postmen and women are not magic and connot predict traffic or accidents! special delivery is there for people that need mail delivered ugently next day so royal mail are not fully to blame! 1st and 2nd class have never been a garenteed service of when the item will arrive! also the post office is not involved in the strike and therefore should not be tarneshed with the same brush! and as for post office ques…everybody needs serving and the counter clerks only have one pair of hands!!

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“The service has been lousy for years, unless you think that receiving your first post at 11 a.m. is satisfactory. No wonder they abolished the distinction between first and second class – it was to disguise the fact that first class didn’t exist. Why can’t they deliver the post in the early morning like generations of postmen before them?”

This is the reason posties are fighting,the management have cutback and cutback (while they get their big bonuses) so the service has got worse and worse.
If Post office closures are announced, every body in the towns affected are up in arms.
If Royal mail management carry on there will be nothing left worth fighting for and then beleive me it will cost more than 30p to send a letter from Land’s End – John o’Groats.
Like any business, cutbacks mean a worse service as you will know if you have ever phoned an overseas call centre.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

The sooner they privatize the so called royal mail the better, they should lose the royal stamp they don’t deserve it.The ammount of wrong delivered letter i get is worrying,am always having to redeliver them in person, am doing their job for them a private company should be included why should they have the monopoly.

Posted by margaret marsh | Report as abusive

There are already multiple examples of privatized utility companies and they patently do not work for the benefit of their customers, as maximizing board-member and shareholder return is their one and only intent.
You will in due course find energy bills for example increasing by 30 to 40% simply because none of the huge profits made by these private corporations over the past decade or more has been used to renew and upgrade now obsolete equipment and distribution infrastructure.
It will also be the same story for water, railways and telecommunications, in fact we have already been primed by the current government that a levy will be applied to all landlines to pay for upgrading the internet to provide suitable coverage to “outlying” areas of the country!
I have nothing against “free markets” and legitimate competition, however I strongly object to allowing idiots and scam merchants to keep the profits generated by these now private companies and pass to me either directy or indirectly their liabilities, this is just an absurdity.

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It is the main sorting offices where the biggest labour problems exist – workers demanding feather-bedding and job security on completely unrealistic terms. They seem to think we are still in the 1950’s or ’60’s. Sad that they are so appallingly badly led – and like the coalminers under Scargill they are heading towards oblivion whilst the rest of us will quietly move on with a better, faster, more technologically advanced system (and probably with all our local posties) and where a few militants in the main centres can no longer make life a misry for the rest of us.

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Your reading and understanding of recent social history with particular reference to Mr Scargill and the demise of the coal industry in this country seems to be incorrect.
It was the importation of cheap subsidised coal from abroad that led the coal-miners and their livelyhoods into oblivion and not as you state any leadership skills or the lack thereof on the part of Mr Scargill.
You seem also to be rather naive with regard to the ultimate consequences of privatizations, takeovers and mergers in that my experience would suggest the existing employees of the entity which has been aquired are usually fired, made redundant or allowed to disappear by natural wastage and are then replaced by the aquirers employees whilst a select few are offered and accept new employment contracts on reduced terms and conditions.
You really should question what you are being told more frequently and arrive at your own decision…don`t believe the spin!

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