What do you think of Michael Jackson’s single “This Is It”?

October 12, 2009

This Is ItMichael Jackson’s posthumous¬† new single, “This Is It” began streaming online and playing on radio stations on Monday. The singer died four months ago from a prescription drugs overdose at age 50.

A series of 50 concerts scheduled at London’s 02 Arena from July 2009 through March 2010 was also entitled “This Is It”.

The single is part of a related package, which includes a two-disc album and a film based on rehearsals and preparations for the O2 Arena concert series.

The soulful track, which features backing vocals by Jackson’s brothers, goes on sale on Oct. 26, internationally and on Oct. 27, in North America to coincide with the release of the film.

The “This Is It” film was the subject of a $60 million (38 million pound) deal between Jackson’s estate and concert promoter AEG Live and Sony Pictures. Sony Music’s Columbia/Epic Label Group will be releasing the album.

What do you think of the single?

Is this just an opportunity for stakeholders to make a cash grab or is it a legitimate tribute to the singer and his premature death?


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What do i think?….i think d name of the album speaks for it self..THIS IS IT

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overall… as a composition, it’s a relatively good song. as for the arrangement, the same goes for it. however, as for the production quality, the sound, and the meter, it’s actually a relatively medium/average quality piece, with michael’s singing part going back & forth from uniquely and especially good to so-so, throughout. on a similar note, it’s kind of startling to see that the meter, both in the backing music track & in michael’s timing, as he sings the song, seemingly waver back & forth, from being right on to missing the mark. i say this, both in and of itself and because throughout his career, michael made quite a reputation for himself as one of the best singers; singing right in tune and right on time, sometimes making for a positively extraordinary musical experience. in conclusion… listening to this song, ‘this is it,’ one may wonder what the ‘it’ really is. maybe, one may just be resolved to form the impression, ‘it is what it is,’ whatever one makes of it, one way or another. as it stands- overall, as in relation to his other work- it seems to be one of his minor pieces; one may even wonder why something of this average quality is even being released; however, on the other side, it is good to open up his collection and make it available to anyone who may go for it/who may like it. one may feel some form of sympathy and compassion for him about the personal challenges and limitations he experienced in his life; especially, the tragic ending. may those in charge of his estate and as-of-yet unreleased music be careful in respecting and honoring his personal and professional image, reputation, and legacy; both, as a person and as a singer/performer/entertainer. r.i.p., michael. whatever about one controversy or another… thank you for all your good points and thank you for sharing these with others all around the world.

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i love the song it make me cry i feel michael jackson is hear with me it a good song he was love and i will love him f0r ever

Posted by priscilla | Report as abusive

It great It has that old Jackson sound

Posted by j | Report as abusive

he oas the best of the best. No body can sing like he did.

Posted by valentina | Report as abusive

This has to be a number one hit, it blows away everything else out there. Can’t wait for the other version either.What does surprise me is the length of the track, Michaels tracks usually play for well over five minutes and this song seems made for that. It shows that Michael did not finish the track himself because if he had I imagine it would could continue to build like a ‘will you be there’ does. I have heard though that the orchestral version has got the biggest orchestra in a track ever, so I imagine that we will get that effect from that one though.What I will say is I haven’t stopped listening to it thanks to the combination of the catchy melody, the hooks and the smooth soulfull voice which proves once again that he had the most listenable voice ever. A fantastic song and very moving.Destined to top the charts.Michael you have blown us away once again.

Posted by carefreedo | Report as abusive

I honestly love this song, but I realize why it was not published when Michael was alive. I think if he were here today, he still would not have this song published as it does not live up to his ‘perfection’ standards. That being said, we as his die hard fans, are so glad to have something new to listen to from him and the melody is very moving.Listening to this song breaks my heart as I am not able to determine if this song is about being in love or falling in love and knowing the situation was not right for him. I really feel that aside from his very short lived marriage to Lisa Marie, Michael never had the opportunity to experience real true, passionate love during his lifetime and I attribute that to his bizarre show business upbringing from age 5, where he was never really able to experience life lessons along the way that us non-superstar status individuals are able to.I am also left wondering, based upon the era this song was written, whether this song was about his undying love for Diana Ross, and the secret affair they had. I really believe she had a secret affair with him along the way. Their outward display of affection always seemed so much deeper than a ‘mother-son’ relationship to me.

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this is such a massive dissapointment.Sony could have chosen so many great recordings that fans have been crying out for release for years – the BAD tour recordings at wembley for instance – take a listen to a snippet at:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvdGMr v8PLMorhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rd vg9AqWxzUUtterly wonderful!

Posted by DavidD_D | Report as abusive

Loved it. Although I doubt it was finished and maybe just a demo, it was great to hear. I expect it to be number 1 in the UK and US.

Posted by Lee Hurrell | Report as abusive

Not very original today. It sounds like all his other stuff.

Posted by Luccee Davis | Report as abusive

If Michael was alive, he would not have released as it is. This song is not finished by Michael, so Sony cannot release as a single CD – it does not reach that level. But we can enjoy this song as a bonus in the soundtrack of the movie’This is it’ which happen to have the same title.?I think this song is a gift from Michael and Sony to his fans.

Posted by Asianfan | Report as abusive

This song is not a finished Michael Jackson track. It’s a decades-old demo with recent production and Jackson bros vocals added. The only sounds Michael had anything to do with are piano and vocals. He never intended to release it in conjunction with the comeback concerts. It was found in a box of tapes and chosen because of the lyrics “This is It.” The marketing and media reporting on this song have been very misleading. I would be interested in hearing demos and other unreleased material from MJ, but not tarted up like this. I wish someone, anyone, connected to Michael Jackson’s estate would demonstrate even a passing interest in his lasting musical legacy.

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Huge disappointment. Nothing special to me at all. Sorry folks but, if MJ was still alive, I think the quality of this song would be cast in a much more realistic light than it is now.So how come MJ was able to use the, “This Is It” title when Kenny Loggins wrote a quite different song with the same title years ago? (I much prefer that song to this one.)

Posted by Cosmic Tinker | Report as abusive

Overall, this song is okay. It has a good melody and interesting lyrics. It sounds like old Michael, from the Thriller days. In fact, I played it for my 15 year old, who absolutely loves Thriller and Dangerous, and he immediately said that MJ must have written or recorded it during his Thriller years (which it apparently was). It’s a bit disappointing that a better single could not be found to release. I get it with the title and everything, but MJ was a consumate professional, laying down hundreds of songs, then meticulously choosing the ones that he believed represented his best work. I am excited at the idea of getting unreleased material, but am also concerned that in the process, our greed for more MJ will be tarnishing his musical legacy. Michael gave us everything he had and we should respect what he chose not to leave us. The release of this album, with not much really new on it, also makes me wonder what the true status of MJ’s unreleased stuff is. I enjoyed hearing the song, but will not be buying additional songs released by Sony under MJ’s name. What I would like to see is dvd of the Making of Thriller, footage from the Bad tour, the 30th Anniversary on CBS, and those wonderful home movies he showed on a special in the early 90s. If the estate can work all that out, I will be first in line to buy! RIP MJ

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I’m sure this single will vault to the top of the charts and remain there for few weeks until this recently discovered new fascination with everything-Michael shrivels up and goes the way of the dodo. It’s not a bad song but it’s not one that’s going to be remembered 10 years from now either.

Posted by Mike H | Report as abusive

Its a happy moment to hear Michael Jackson’s beautiful voice again in a new song. Whether it is for a “cash grab” or not Michael’s voice is always like a blessing. It soars over the other instruments, an instrument in itself. Michael has always said that as a musician he can try to give a little happiness to people. Every song of his does that. So does This Is It. He may have chosen another arrangement or another way to mix the song, we can never know that; but his voice flows out again and beguiles the listener, drawing us further into the magic of his music.

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Jackson peaked at age 12. Leeches used him to make money and even in death they still exploit him. Get a life folks!

Posted by ed team | Report as abusive

I will always love Michael Jackson songs, he was without a doubt a genius, though I have to admit when I first heard it I thought it does not have that perfection that Michael usually puts into his songs. I feel this song needed more, don’t know what cause I am not a songwriter and I am no expert. I am just commenting from a fans point of view. Like when he says “I feel Grand”, that just does not seem right. Anyway it’s a lovely melody type song. I am looking forward to those 100 songs locked up somewhere. Michael said so himself he wrote more songs. Surely they could have used something more upbeat. Again I still like the song, just wish Michael was here to improve on it. None the less his voice is perfection in this song. Just listening to his tone is so beautiful. MJ4ever!

Posted by Anna | Report as abusive

I can understand why MJ did not want to publish this song back in the 80s. Overall the song is not bad, but the composition is totally not MJ style or up to his standards. The worst part of this song is the way Sony promoted it. As much as I as a music lover, feel cheated; I’m angry for MJ. This is absolutely NOT the way he would have wanted his music to be released. Someone is playing a dirty trick here, trying to speculate negativity about MJ integrity and reputation. Shame on them! Come on people, MJ is dead. He’s not here to defend himself and he absolutely has nothing to do with all of this. Leave him alone!

Posted by angie | Report as abusive

I love it!!

Posted by csm | Report as abusive

lovely song i like it very much

Posted by Burimi | Report as abusive

The whole ordeal of saying goodbye to this suspected chickenhawk should be over. The family has the money and the rights isn’t that enough? Yes in 1983 he ruled the world. But then bad things started to happen five years later. Let it go. Let the whole thing rest.

Posted by Ted | Report as abusive

While it may be a great song, Michael wasn’t available to make a proper recording. I think the actually recording is sad because we know MJ isn’t available to perfect it, as he always has with all his other works. And, I think it would be better to license MJ’s other studio works to be properly recorded by today’s living artists. Because if more of these types of songs are released, it will diminish Jackson’s value as an artist and will start to seem like a rip off.

Posted by Terra | Report as abusive

yup, that was it, alright.

Posted by msntnkrbll | Report as abusive

My very first impression of this article is that Anka seems to be showing a bit of greed………trying to make a buck…seeing the dolla dolla bill yall!

Posted by IThomas | Report as abusive

Can’t wait for the new album and the movie to come out.

Posted by Tammy Goulet | Report as abusive

Priscilla, Mikie isn’t there with you! And who really cares about the new song he, or at least his family, tried to pass off as his own.

Posted by stan | Report as abusive

song is ok this is definately pulled out of the archives.its definately pretty bad when Sony @ AEG are releasing his songs and making a MJ movie to make a fast buck thats only why they are doing it- make a dollar quick before the fad fades. And while wre at it MJ would never want his kids to appear in a reality show, shame on the jacksons if they do!!

Posted by patty | Report as abusive

MJ cowrote this song with Paul; he didn’t put the song in Ken Ortega’s hand and say play this as part of the rehearsals for this is it. Now, for everyone record that some of you will not buy, others and I will buy it all becuse we get to hear MJ’s voice and to me his vocals are great and that is all that matters. I love the song and the sound, no over studio production.FYI, 20 year old MJ demo is better than anything which any of todays artist could cover. If they allow them to cover MJ’s songs that I refuse to buy or touch it! I look forward to any songs MJ record 30 years ago until he died. Elvis old demos and John Lennon’s were worse; therefore, I look forward to hearing more demos, complete works, whatever MJ voice is attached to. It keeps him alive in our hearts forever and as long as their is music to publish. I will continue to love you forever MJ!

Posted by Rosy11 | Report as abusive

This is it? Really?

Posted by pineappletoe | Report as abusive

It isn’t even his song… You should check the controversy over the rights. Lol!

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