Was the Queen’s speech pointless?

November 18, 2009

LON700LibDem leader Nick Clegg had called for the speech to be cancelled because he says there is little chance of much legislation getting through before the coming general election. “The speech will be dressed up as the way to ‘build Britain’s future’ when it will be little more than a rehearsal of the next Labour Party manifesto, an attempt to road-test policy gimmicks to see whether they might save this Government’s skin,” he said.”It is a waste of everyone’s time, and should be cancelled in favour of an emergency programme of political reform,” he added in the Independent. “That is the only job this rump of a Parliament is fit for.”The Conservatives piled in too, with their leader in the upper House, Lord Strathclyde saying that if the measures outlined were so important they would have been in the government’s legislative programme last year rather than being left to the last moment of the fifth term.Downing Street however called the speech a “very focused programme” of legislation, while Labour’s deputy leader Harriet Harman said it contained important plans to foster economic growth and make the banks more accountable.What do you think?


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Empty words aimed at buying votes from the gullible, with a few nasties tossed in to make life difficult for the incoming Tory government.The only thing I want to hear from Brown is a firm date for the election.

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D’accorde – it’s all irrelevent until we have an election.Brown’s just holding on – belay that, Mandelson, the European Puppet Master, the Minister of Information (our very own Dr Geobbels) is keeping him there until the Lisbon Treaty comes into effect 1st December, after which he can grease the skids and put someone in who’s a chance of saving the Labour Party from annihilation.But “the opposition” are as bad – not only are they useless in that capacity, but even believing that they’d win hands down they haven’t resigned ‘en masse’ and forced by-elections.At the moment Parliament is a complete irrelevence to everyone and everything except the poseurs intent on drawing their salaries, expenses – and their pensions.And from December 2nd it won’t matter any more anyway – Brussels will tell us what to do.Time for a Peasants’ revolt.

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I’ll only ask two questions:If the Tories were in a similar situation, wouldn’t they have done exactly the same? And with the Lib-Dems, wouldn’t they, too?It’s the prerogative of any incumbent Party to use any advantage which is available to it.

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It is a bit of a waste of time. If the British people don’t give this lot the heave-ho for a generation at the next election, we will deserve to have the whole country concreted over and turned into a forced labour camp and continental heliport.If we don’t give Brussels the heave-ho soon, that is what will happen whether we deserve it or not.

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The Queen and every monarchy is pointless, not just the speech.

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