Will you miss the British Cadbury?

January 19, 2010

CadburyWhat will become of the Curly Wurly?

After an interminably long stand-off, U.S. food giant Kraft has agreed a deal to buy British confectioner Cadbury for 11.9 billion pounds.

While the announcement that an agreement had finally been reached hardly came as a surprise, it has provoked an outpouring of consternation and sentimental musing on message boards and social media sites like Twitter.com

A fourth generation member of Cadbury’s founding family, Felicity Loudon, expressed dismay that the iconic sweet maker, with brands such as Flake, Twirl and Wispa, should sell out to a “plastic cheese company” and some members of the general public have expressed similar concerns.

@CharmedLassie, writing on Twitter, said: “If there’s any chance we can stop Cadbury being taken over by Kraft we should take it. This is another sad step out of the UK.” Another user, @ClareCarney wrote: “No! It’s the end of an era!”

On a lighter note, journalist Caitlin Moran (@caitlinmoran) posted: “Gordon Brown should have nationalised Cadbury, and given everyone a free Twirl = shoe-in at the next election.”

‘Cadbury’ is currently one of the most talked about topics on Twitter and hundreds of users have signed up to the ‘I love Cadbury’ campaign on the micro-blogging site.

Cadbury started life in 1824 with the opening of a shop in Birmingham selling tea and cocoa. Since then  it has become one of the biggest confectionery groups in the world, employing around 46,000 people.

Irene Rosenfeld, Kraft’s CEO, said: “We have great respect for Cadbury’s brands, heritage and people. We believe they will thrive as part of Kraft Foods.”

What do you think of Kraft’s acquisition of Cadbury? Are you worried about what will happen to its products? Should the company have remained in British hands?


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A horrible mistake. American companies have no respect for tradition or quality. Even Hershey has been using cheaper vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter is some of their “chocolatey” candies.

This will turn out badly for Cadbury, I’m quite sure. :(

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If Kraft were a company with quality products then perhaps this takeover would not be opposed so much. But the stuff it calls cheese is vile and its chocolate biscuits must be a major contributor to obseity in America. Kadbury’s is doomed.

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