Mandelson slip-up confirms eurosceptics’ fears

February 26, 2010

mandelsonBusiness minister Peter Mandelson built his reputation as a sure-footed communicator for the Labour Party, but the former EU trade commissioner suffered a rare slip-up on Friday when he confirmed many eurosceptics’ fears that the European Commission relished its lack of democratic accountability.

“The best principle of the European Commission ever invented was that it should not be elected — that it was remote, unaccountable, a major bureaucracy that could do good for Europe and can take the risks of saying things and doing things that are not as easy to do in the member states,” said Mandelson.

The remarks to French students in Paris were at least partly in jest, and prompted laughter.

Talking more about the benefits of working for the Commission, Mandelson went on: “We’re not elected, we don’t have to think: ‘Oh my God, what are we going to say and do because the public are going to turn us out of office?'”

Not, of course, that Mandelson was suggesting this is the position Labour finds itself in now, with an election due by June and the Conservatives ahead in the polls.

But he did remind his audience that he expected Britain to join the euro some day — something the Conservatives have firmly ruled out for as long as they are in office.

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The comedy of this is overshadowed by the fact that as more and more of us are realising, we are heading towards a very dark place if we stay in the EU. What happens when these faceless individuals are no longer such “nice” people as they may be now? Surely this is a blueprint for the most evil empire since the demise of the Soviet Union? Specifically with regard to the euro, I have never understood why so many people seem to think that the fact that the most benefit you can derive from a club is obtained if a lot of other people join it but you don’t, is a compelling reason to join it.

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