Elections don’t get more exciting than this

May 6, 2010

It’s going to be a long night! Cliffhanger, nailbiter, whatever you want to call it — it doesn’t get more exciting than this.

Polls closed just over two hours ago and the exit polls show we are clearly in hung parliament territory. The Conservatives are projected to have the most seats at 305, but that’s 21 seats short of an overall majority.

Labour, meanwhile, are shown with 255 and most interestingly the Liberal Democrats with just 61, one short of what they got in 2005 — when they and everyone else were expecting a surge of support.

If the exit poll is proven right, even a Labour/LibDem coalition would be short of a majority.

Here in Kirkcaldy, Brown’s constituency, aides are keeping cool. The Labour projection is clearly better than the wipeout that so many were predicting just a week ago.

The Conservatives, meanwhile, are insisting they have the right to govern with this mandate. With Gordon Brown having first call on trying to form a government in the event of a hung parliament, it will be important for the Conservatives to establish hey should be in charge.

Adding to the complications of the night are reports of people being turned away from polling booths and thus being unable to vote. Whatever happens, expect people to complain the election was stolen from them.

The night is young still.

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Dear Sirs,

We’re getting close to another Bilderberg meeting (June 3-6 2010 in Sitges,Spain). The new Deputy Prime Minister (Mr. Clegg) is set to attend as is Mr. Mandleson. Why is the Press so loathed to acknowledge the importance of these meetings and the potentially dangerous New World Order direction they are pushing this country towards?

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