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Bookies odds provide grim reading for Brown


Prime Minister Gordon Brown is starting to look like an over the hill punch-drunk heavyweight boxer stumbling around the ring desperately hoping that the referee will step in and end the agony.

Having been battered by a raft of cabinet resignations, a dismal performance in last week’s local government elections and now his Labour Party plunging to its lowest level in a century in European elections, Brown appears almost out for the count.

So much so that the bookmakers William Hill are offering odds of 7/4 that Brown will step down as PM by midnight this Saturday.

Former postman, now Home Secretary, Alan Johnson is the 5/4 favourite to replace Brown, with Harriet Harman at 7/1, David Miliband at 8/1, his brother Ed at 9/1, Jon Crudass at 12/1, with the PM’s close friend Ed Balls at 14/1.

Gordon Brown needs a diversion

Pressure is growing on Gordon Brown to reshuffle his Cabinet after Thursday’s local elections to take some of the sting out of the drubbing his Labour Party is expected to get at the ballot box this week.

Press reports last week suggested Health Secretary Alan Johnson might be in for a promotion. But government sources show no sign that Brown is about to rearrange the decks just yet.