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London Anglican cleric quits over “occupy” protest at St Paul’s cathedral

(Anti-capitalist demonstrators and a dog camped outside St Paul's Cathedral in London October 25, 2011, in a protest inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor)

The Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral in London has resignedΒ  after a row among church and local authorities over whether to try to evict a 200-tent protest camp occupying the square outside. Canon Chancellor Giles Fraser had made clear his sympathy with the aims of the anti-capitalist protest camp and asked police to leave the Anglican cathedral's steps early in the occupation. He said on Thursday he had gone with "great sadness."

Religious commentators said his move reflected differences in official attitudes towards the camp, which forced the cathedral to close its doors for the first time since World War Two. St Paul's had said it was been losing 20,000 pounds a day since the camp was set up 12 days ago to protest against the nearby London Stock Exchange. It was closed on health and safety grounds but is due to reopen on Friday.

On Wednesday, the Dean Graeme Knowles reiterated "our basic belief in the right to protest as well as requesting that those people living in the tents now leave the site peacefully." A statement on the cathedral's website said it was continuing to take legal advice on a range of options including court action.