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Taking power from the powerless

February 11, 2011

-Clive Stafford Smith is the founder and director of Reprieve. The opinions expressed are his own.-

Coalition talks – a Liberal Democrat explains

May 8, 2010

David LawsTalks between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives about arrangements that might lead to the two parties forming the next government took place on Friday (May 7) and will continue on Saturday. Little is being said about the talks by either side, so it seems a good time to revisit a blog and video interview with the Lib Dems’ David Laws on the subject of coalitions I published last September from the party’s autumn conference. Laws is reported to be part of the Lib Dem team negotiating with the Conservatives. BBC’s Newsnight ran an extract from the video interview on Friday evening.

Porn to politics – Lib Dems get really liberal

March 14, 2010


Anna Arrowsmith, 38, has directed 300 porn movies for women under the pseudonym Anna Span to counterbalance the overwhelming male dominance of the adult film industry.

Ming, coalition plans and the election that never was

September 23, 2009

Menzies Campbell at the Liberal Democrat autumn conference in Bournemouth, September 21, 2009. Picture: Tim Castle/Reuter

For many observers it’s the key question for the Liberal Democrats — who they would support in a hung parliament — Brown’s Labour or Cameron’s Tories?

Vince Cable says life will be difficult

September 22, 2009

Vince CableDifficult – that’s how Liberal Democrats’ treasury spokesman Vince Cable sums up the outlook for Britain’s economy as it comes out of the recession.

Liberal Democrats and the balance of power

September 21, 2009

David LawsA senior Liberal Democrat has lifted a lid on the murky world of coalition politics – a touchy subject for the party which last tasted national power in Britain in the brief Lib-Lab pact of the late 1970s.

Labour MPs reprieve humble Brown – for now

June 9, 2009

Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) meetings are usually drab affairs. The leader turns up, listens to a few grumbles from backbench MPs, a few reporters hang around outside hoping to grab a half-decent quote and in the end a Labour apparatchik puts a rose-tinted spin on proceedings.

What next for the government?

June 8, 2009

Reuters UK Chief Correspondent Keith Weir assesses the European election results and the challenges facing Prime Minister Gordon Brown after support for the Labour Party plunged to its lowest level in a century in European elections.

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In the brown stuff

June 5, 2009

The unfolding crisis in British politics makes for fascinating viewing for the populace and great work for journalists, but it also of course has potentially far-reaching implications in the financial sector.