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Is Britain being too slow in promoting broadband?


A new report from Ofcom, reveals that more than 30 percent of homes in Britain don’t have basic broadband service.

The study will become part of the government’s Digital Britain report, which is intended to help keep the UK economically and culturally competitive by promoting broadband access.

“We hope the research will help assist an informed debate on the options available to society to help ensure that the social and economic benefits of the Internet are spread as widely as possible,” the media regulator said in a statement.

“The inclusion of everyone into the digital world has emerged as an important principle in our society.”

Cutting back on household bills


The energy regulator has said that it is considering a ban on unjustified price differences in the energy market to address concerns that customers are being charged differing amounts according to their payment methods.

Ofgem also said that it was planning measures that will improve customer service, including simplified information about tariffs to help people decide whether they need to switch supplier.